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Seo On Youtube: 7 Keys To Optimize It

When we talk about search engines, what comes to mind? You will think of search engines like Google or Bing, but did you know that the second most used search engine in the world is YouTube? It has more than 2,000 million users a month, Google only surpasses it, and also about 400 hours of video are uploaded per minute. Given this evidence, it is essential to work on SEO on YouTube not to be left behind about your closest competitors.

What Is Seo On Youtube?

SEO on YouTube is optimizing videos you upload and channels you create on this web page to appear as high as possible when organic searches are carried out on this portal.

It is necessary to consider that the YouTube search engine cannot interpret the information that appears within the videos that we upload. Therefore, special care must be taken when writing the title, choosing the tags, writing the video’s description, and even checking the video’s file name that we are going to upload.

How To Optimize Seo On Youtube?

If you work on SEO on YouTube, you will have a lot of money. Next, we will see everything you must do step by step so that your videos and YouTube channel will leap to another level.

1. It Is Necessary To Do A Keyword Research For Youtube

Before starting to work on SEO on YouTube, it is necessary to look for the keywords on which the videos you upload to this website should focus. To do it correctly, we recommend:

Design a kind of hierarchical tree of topics related to your company, brand, or service that you offer. For example, if your company is dedicated to selling cars, your hierarchical tree should be commanded by the keyword “cars” or “buy cars.” The subcategories would be the makes of cars that you sell and, below that, the models of vehicles that you have in your store/dealer.

Once you have cleared the structure of the hierarchical tree, you will have to research those keywords and see what volume of searches each of them has. You can also go to YouTube yourself, enter your keyword and see the first results that appear so that you can get an idea.

2. Decide On The Title

To work on SEO on YouTube, choosing a good title for your video is essential. This title must concisely summarize the content of the video, be striking, natural, not exceed 100 characters (try to place the most important in the first 60). It must necessarily include the primary keyword you want to position.

Do not make available titles. For example, returning to the topic ‘cars,’ do not title the video with ‘The best cars,’ but you should do it with ‘The most spectacular cars of this summer 2021’. With this type of title, you get to narrow down searches, and, in addition, it is easier to position yourself in the first place since there will be many more videos for the keyword ‘good cars’ than for ‘spectacular cars in summer.’ Another advantage of doing so is that the YouTube algorithm usually rewards the longest titles.

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3. Tags Or Labels

Another essential element to optimize SEO on YouTube are tags. They are keywords that YouTube uses to identify what the videos are about since they are not visible to the general public.

You can use 500 characters for label writing. We recommend that you use all of them and that these tags include some previously chosen keywords in the hierarchical tree’s subcategories. With this, you will be able to increase the potential of your video.

4. The Description

The description of your videos is also essential to optimize SEO on YouTube. Do not forget to include the main keyword and those that appear in the subcategories of the hierarchical tree. This text should not be excessively complicated, nor should it be loaded with technicalities. Just focus on making a summary that explains everything that appears in the video.

You can use this space to talk about other videos on your channel and put the link, although you must bear in mind that in the mobile version, the description is hidden.

5. The Thumbnail Image Or Thumbnail

Once again, we throw away the cliché that an image is worth more than 1,000 words, but this time it is true. Use a thumbnail image that is edited and conveys the essence of the video you just uploaded. Do not leave this work to the YouTube algorithm, which usually chooses a random ‘frame’ of the video. The edited image can be accompanied by text with an expression related to the video and an emoji—creativity to power to create an image that encourages clicking and, therefore, improves CTR.

6. Call To Action That Encourages Commenting And Interacting With Followers

The best sign that a YouTube channel is on the right track is that it has commented on all its videos, and that is that the more interactions your video has, the more authority your channel will get. That is why you should ask a question at the end of the video that invites those who have seen it to comment. Do not forget that it is essential to respond to all the comments that the viewers of your channel leave you.

7. Display Time

For YouTube, it is more relevant to have 10,000 followers who see your 20-minute videos in full than to have 100,000 followers who only see the first minute of each video you upload. And it is that the viewing time, nowadays, is more critical than the visits that a video receives.

And about the viewing time, the first 15-20 seconds are vital to hook the viewer and finish the video. Therefore, you should summarize or say some tips about what the video will be about.

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