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Primary Uses Of The Apple Vision Pro

After the recent launch of the Apple Vision Pro in the US, many videos have been published of the different uses that people are giving to this device.

If you need to know what we are talking about, it is the new mixed reality glasses from the American company, which have generated and will continue to give rise to reactions of all kinds.

Although they are not the first mixed reality glasses on the market, Apple wants to differentiate itself from the others with its approach, which they have called spatial computing.

The operating system of this device is Vision OS, which is reminiscent of the iPad but has logical differences when using it.

Among its strong points is the precision of its control using the eyes and hands, as well as the quality of its screens.

As weaker points, apart from their excessive price, there has been talk of isolation when using them or the scarcity of applications that use their full potential.

To try to alleviate the feeling of isolation, if someone enters your field of vision, you will be able to see them.

In addition, that person will see a representation of your eyes in the Apple Vision Pro lenses and will know that you can see and interact with them.

How to use Apple Vision Pro

The way to navigate your operating system is by using our eyes, our hands, and our voice.

First of all, what you have to do is configure them and adapt them to the person who is going to use them.

The sensors and cameras scan our faces, eyes, and hands to achieve great precision when using the device.

When they are already configured, the first thing we are going to see when we put them on will be the icons of the applications that come pre-installed floating in the environment in which we find ourselves.

We see the room or place where we are physically almost in real-time so that we can walk around with them almost normally.

You can choose to see the place where you are or put in a virtual environment that comes installed, such as landscapes or the surface of the moon, for greater immersion and isolation.

The way to use them is to look at the icon or the place where you want to act and join two fingers to press or perform the desired action.

From what has been seen in the videos from Apple itself or from people who have been able to try them, it is a relatively intuitive form of control that works very well.

There are currently around 600 applications explicitly created for the Apple Vision Pro, which are the ones that really take advantage of their potential.

Additionally, you can also use many of the iPhone and iPad apps, but they will not be adapted for use on the device.

For now, there are some absences of well-known applications, such as YouTube or Spotify, but it is expected that they will end up being available in the future.

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Primary uses of the Apple Vision Pro

As new applications are launched or the Apple Vision Pro is updated, its possible uses will increase, but currently these are the main ones.

1. Create your own application space

You can open your favorite applications, place them wherever you want, and put them in the size you choose to create your own work or leisure space.

For example, you can have Apple Music, the Safari browser, and the calendar application right before your eyes.

Videos have been seen on social networks of people opening applications throughout the house, moving through the rooms, and when they returned, the applications were still open in the same place.

They had Apple TV + open in front of the sofa, Apple Music to the side, a notes application on the refrigerator, and the browser and calendar application in the work area.

2. Enjoy your own movie and video game room

With the Apple Vision Pro, you can watch your favourite series and movies on a screen as big as a movie theatre.

Currently, there is specific 3D content on Apple TV + and Disney +, with which the immersion is much greater.

It will also be possible to play your favourite video games on a giant screen so you can spectacularly enjoy them.

3. Work with your Mac

When you turn on your Mac, an option will appear to be able to work on a floating screen as large as you want.

This way, you will have more workspace, and you can be more productive. The only negative point is that you can only have one Mac screen.

Of course, along with it, you can open other applications and organize your space as you want.

4. Photos and videos

The way you view your photos and videos will completely change with the Apple Vision Pro.

You can record space videos with your iPhone 15 Pro and then relive those moments in 3D with a degree of total immersion.

Panoramic photos will also reach a new dimension if you view them using this device.

5. FaceTime

You will be able to collaborate with others and communicate via FaceTime video calls.

Through a scanning process, a virtual representation of you will be created, called a Persona, which will be what those who communicate with you see.

These are the primary uses of the Apple Vision Pro currently, but over time, new functions will appear that will improve the user experience of the device.

The majority opinion is that a first-generation product is quite surprising and has some really brilliant ideas.

But, logically, there is still room for improvement for the following generations of the device if they ever exist.

The main points for improvement are to achieve a more competitive price, improve battery life (and integrate it into the glasses themselves), make it more comfortable to wear for long periods by reducing weight, etc…

Emphasis is also being placed on the need to create experiences that we can share with others in order to reduce the feeling of isolation.

If in the future we see new generations of this product, indeed, these improvements will be introduced to achieve a better product that can reach more people.

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