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How To Set Up Apple Watch To Make Emergency Calls

It is a fact that technology saves lives. A contact, a wearable or an app can help you get out of an extreme situation. Indeed you have experienced a time when a simple call has prevented an accident or a moment of danger. If you have an Apple Watch, discover how to configure it to make emergency calls.

Apple Watch, a smartwatch designed for everything

There is no doubt that Apple has in its catalogue some of the most interesting and versatile devices of recent years, as the firm is always committed to its quality and design.

Among them, we find the iPad, tablets that are as powerful as many laptops that came to revolutionize the sector, or the Airpods, designed for comfort and, why not, productivity.

But recently, we have seen how the company has improved and proposed new devices, including a smartwatch with eight versions since it appeared.

We are talking about the Apple Watch, an avant-garde terminal much more than a high-end smartwatch.

And is that the firm has not only taken care of its design but has opted to offer it the maximum practicality for many situations. Displaying notifications or helping you control your training are just some of them.

Apart from its interesting features, the Apple Watch has an emergency call system that, as we said at the beginning, can be crucial at a critical moment.

It is a way to notify the relevant authorities (health or safety) and ask for help when you are in a situation of extreme need but cannot make a phone call.

An example could be elderly people, people with reduced mobility or risk athletes. If you need help, there is a setting you should use to get it to turn on if you can’t do it yourself.

How to set up Apple Watch emergency mode

As you might guess, Apple Watch emergency calls are set up from the iPhone and run from the smartwatch.

Of course, keep in mind that this feature does not work with the Apple Watch turned off since it will only be activated if it has power.

Everything you can do with the iPhone

Download or open the Watch app on your iPhone, then follow the path Watch > General > Emergency SOS. From here, you will have all the parameters you need like:

  • Long press the side button: activates the function if you keep the button pressed
  • Activate the fall detector: indicated if after a fall you cannot activate this function
  • Edit emergency contacts: configure the contacts in your list who will receive a distress message with your approximate position

In the last option, you can add up to three people who will receive the message from your phone and local help services.

What happens if I activate the SOS button by mistake?

The answer is simple: there is no possibility of error dialling since Apple has foreseen all kinds of situations and has taken care of giving you a solution.

And is that when you hold down the button, you will only have to release it to avoid the countdown that starts on the display. The same will happen if the device detects a fall: the screen will ask for a few seconds if you are okay.

You will only have to deactivate the call if it is an error. But if, on the contrary, the Apple Watch detects that you are not moving, it will continue with its process of asking for help.

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