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Top 5 Apps For Apple Watch

As we mentioned in the previous article about wearable devices, smartwatches are undoubtedly one of the most popular electronic devices and most used by many people. Among the most prominent brands of smartwatches is Apple, and therefore, we want to comment in this article which are the best apps for Apple Watch that you should try today.

What is an Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is one of the electronic devices offered by the brand and it is a smartwatch that allows you to connect the different Apple products to be able to receive notifications and calls through this watch.

In addition, it is important to mention that the Apple Watch stands out for being a device that offers users all kinds of information about their daily activity. It also differs from other smartwatches because it allows you to control and record all health data.

As the brand itself advertises, the Apple Watch “is the training partner that fits on your wrist.”

What are the best apps for Apple Watch?

One of the main features offered by the Apple Watch is a large number of applications of any category that you can install. Next, we will show you some of the best applications available in your App Store.

Sleep cycle

The first application that we want to highlight belongs to the category of Sleep and Well-being. Specifically, Sleep Cycle is possibly one of the best-known applications to control the hours and quality of sleep. It is important to mention that it is an application with a free version, which has some features that are paid for and therefore require a subscription to fully enjoy it.


Another application that we want to highlight in this article is Evernote. This is already a well-known application in other formats and devices and therefore, we also consider it necessary to comment for Apple Watch. This app is in the Productivity category and you can easily and simply collect all ideas, notes, tasks, or any other type of comment. In addition, this application also allows connectivity between all devices to share all the information.

Asana Rebel

In recent years, yoga and fitness have become activities performed by many people. It is for this reason that we also consider it necessary to include an app related to these activities. Specifically, we want to highlight Asana Rebel since it is an application that offers different exercise routines to start practicing both yoga and fitness exercises. It stands out above all because it raises routines with which it is very easy to start practicing yoga or any other type of sport.


If you are a person who travels constantly and has an Apple Watch, Citymapper is one of the best applications you can have. This app allows users to obtain all the information about public transport just by pressing a few buttons. In this way, it is an application that stands out above all for being simple, fast, and intuitive. In addition, if you have different addresses saved on any other Apple device, Citymapper will take care of establishing the best possible route on public transport with information in real-time.


We could not avoid including in this list another great application related to sports, and as we have mentioned previously, one of the most outstanding functionalities of the Apple smartwatch is to control daily physical activity. Specifically, we want to highlight Runtastic: it is a very popular application and for this reason, we consider it important to recommend it for you to try it on your Apple Watch.

This app will allow you to have great control and monitoring of any physical activity you do, as well as the application itself will adjust to the needs of your training. It has become one of the best applications since it allows you to obtain great real-time monitoring of all the activity that is carried out, among other functionalities, on your watch you will be able to see your heart rate, the kilometers traveled, the duration, and the rhythm that you have worn in each session.

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