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Wearables And Health: The Role Of Technology To Take Care Of Ourselves

Technology has become a great ally of the health sector and today, thanks to technological advances we can have new devices that allow us to obtain relevant information about our health. we want to comment on today’s article about the role of wearable technology in health through devices such as smartwatches.

What is a wearable?

Wearable devices are electronic gadgets that can be incorporated through accessories or in the material with which clothes are made. In this way, wearables are considered to be electronic devices that are usually incorporated into some part of our body to perform a specific task.

What kinds of wearables are there?

The technology of wearable devices is still in development, so it is not yet possible to establish a specific category on the different products that currently exist. Even so, below we will discuss some of the types of wearable technologies that currently exist and which are the most popular.

Smartwatches and bracelets

Smartwatches and bracelets are by far the most popular devices and the ones that most people know and use. Through these, it is possible to know and keep track of the steps that are walked throughout the day along with the calories burned and levels of glucose, the hours of sleep and how is the quality of this, the heart rate, and some of the most modern models on the market measure blood pressure. In addition, it is important to mention that all the data provided by these devices can be stored and recorded through mobile apps.

Smart clothes

Smart clothing, for example, the smart shirt, is another of the most popular wearables for sports practice and is that in recent years, different garments have been developed that are capable of measuring body temperature and even measuring body temperature. heart rate.

In this way, these smart devices have not only become useful objects to obtain information during physical activity and exercise, but they have also become very useful wearables to be able to take greater control and obtain information from people who suffer from heart problems. Through this type of product, the aim is to guarantee greater safety to this type of patient while they perform any physical exercise.

Smart Glasses

In the same interview that we mentioned earlier, Vilano also talked about Google Glass, and that is that smart glasses are another type of wearable device that is very useful for the medical sector.

Specifically, smart glasses have been developed with the aim that healthcare professionals can carry out more complex techniques by recreating operations thanks to virtual reality.

In addition, it is important to mention that they are working to develop other types of smart glasses that help people with a disability thanks to the development of an algorithm and Artificial Intelligence.


The last type of wearables we want to mention in this article are sensors. These are possibly the least known, they adhere to the body to measure and know the body temperature, the constants, or even the brain activity. This type of sensor is characterized by being discreet, thin, and breathable so it does not cause any damage to the skin.

The future of wearable devices in health

Even though in the previous section we have mentioned some practical utility of wearables applied in health, we consider it necessary to highlight the importance of the use of wearables in health.

Wearable devices are on the rise and constantly growing since the last time, and every year a new functionality emerges. This evolution is a direct consequence of the change in habits of consumers, who have incorporated this type of device into their daily routines and daily life.

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