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pCloud Vs. MEGA: Which Is The Best Choice?

pCloud VS MEGA – who will win this duel? Both services are affordable options with rich and generous features to delight users. Both emphasize data security and privacy. Let’s find out in the following lines what differentiates each service and which is the best option for you.

Despite its young age, pCloud today ranks among the biggest names in online storage, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. For its part, MEGA, a service launched in 2013, also presents itself as one of the stars of online storage. Indeed, despite the controversies, the New Zealand solution has won the affection of individuals and professionals alike with its generous free space and a strong commitment to user privacy.

In this pCloud vs. MEGA comparative analysis, we will discuss the differences between each service. You can read our reviews of each solution or our top 10 best cloud storages if you are looking for more detailed information on both services.

pCloud vs. MEGA: storage space

You should know that all freemium offers are not housed in the same boat in terms of storage space. Indeed, if some services are content to offer only 2 GB of free space to their users, others are much more generous. This is the case of pCloud and MEGA. But, the two solutions do not play on the same court.

Indeed, pCloud is more limited in size in its free version with its 10 GB that you must unlock gradually by performing specific tasks. While the solution created by the sulphurous doctor Kim proposes to host your data up to 20 GB for free as soon as your account is created. Thus, MEGA remains today the most generous drive on the market.

However, you have the opportunity to acquire more space (up to 20 GB) for life by referring new users. You can also increase your free storage space by completing tasks at MEGA. However, the extra space you have earned is only available for the first year.

For this first round, pCloud Vs. MEGA is the New Zealand service that wins thanks to its larger free space. However, in terms of a paid plan, pCloud remains the most interesting with its lifetime plans that allow you to make considerable savings over a long time.

Security and Privacy

Regarding cloud storage solutions focused on security and privacy, pCloud and MEGA stand out from the cloud behemoths by offering more advanced features. Indeed, in addition to providing high-level AES-256 encryption to secure your data at rest and a TLS/SSL protocol that guarantees the security of data transfers to the cloud, both solutions also offer end-to-end encryption. Client-side.

Also known as zero-knowledge or zero-knowledge encryption, this military-grade encryption method allows you to create security keys that you own to decrypt all content stored in the cloud. Because of this, even the provider will not be able to read your data.

The only difference between the two providers is that MEGA offers end-to-end encryption for free, whereas it is offered as an option with the Swiss provider. Therefore, he wins this round again in this duel pCloud vs. MEGA.

pCloud vs. MEGA: focus on features

pCloud and MEGA provide their users with an online server. This allows them to access all their digital documents anytime and from any connected device. However, as you can imagine, these services are packed with features, although some are arguably more useful than others.

Among other things, pCloud offers its users a dedicated music player that allows them to create playlists or search by song title, album title, or artist. This option is very practical if you store your music in the cloud.

And that’s not all! The Swiss service also allows you to save files directly from your Facebook account. So you can quickly back up and store your social media photos in one place. Of course, you can also back up files from other clouds. To name only Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox.

Note that the service offers a browser extension allowing you to save images directly from your browser to your server. The latter is compatible with Opera, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

For its part, MEGA also offers a whole range of features that will satisfy its users. Among other things, the New Zealander has a chat feature. MEGAbird is an extension of the Mozilla Thunderbird messaging client. You can share encrypted files or large files there.

Backup and file version history

When it comes to backup and file versioning tools, both pCloud and MEGA come with backup features. But on this point, the Swiss service is much more functional than its competitor. Moreover, the solution can compete with dedicated online backup services like SpiderOak.

Not only does pCloud allow you to enable automatic upload to ensure automatic backup of folders in the cloud, but it also offers to create a virtual drive. This reduces synchronization time and frees up space on the synchronized device.

Regarding the management of file versions, MEGA wins the game since it does not impose any time limit. So you can return to an old version as much as you want. On the other hand, the versioned backup is limited to the last 100 versions. pCloud only offers 30 days for paid accounts. Free accounts will only be able to enjoy 15 days. You will have to put your hand in your pocket if you want to benefit from a full year.

Collaboration and Productivity Features

Before settling on a storage solution, it is important to understand the two main subgroups that exist on the market. To know :

  • Workplace productivity solutions
  • User privacy solutions
  • pCloud and MEGA both belong to the second category. As a result, neither solution is cut out for online collaboration.


Although pCloud and MEGA are excellent online storage solutions, we can safely say that Switzerland has more practical features than New Zealand. Among other things, it offers much more advanced file-synchronized features. On the other hand, although pCloud has the merit of being ultra-secure and private, MEGA is better off regarding security and privacy.

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