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5 Best Google Drive Tricks

Using this storage service, you can’t stop reading these tips to get the most out of Google Drive! Take note; you will find them very useful:

Tricks in Google Drive

According to a study carried out by the company IHS iSuppli, in 2011, the users of cloud storage services were approximately 150 million. Since then, this figure has not stopped growing, and many people who entrust their information to the cloud choose Google Drive for its multiple and complete functions.

Listen to music from Google Drive

You’ve probably never considered listening to streaming music from Google Drive, but the truth is that it can be done and is very simple and practical. You must create a folder with the music you want to listen to in your Google Drive account.

If you have the Google Drive app installed on your mobile and other devices, the songs you have included in the folder will be synchronized on all these devices so that you can listen to them wherever you go.

Search by user

It usually happens, sometimes, you need to find a file to read or edit it, and you don’t remember its name or in which folder you saved it. Nevertheless, you may remember which user shared that document with you. Luckily, the Google Drive search engine allows you to find all the files stored in your account, even if you search for them by the name of the user who sent them to you.

You can find the file in two ways: by clicking on the Shared Content section and looking at this list of files. Or, directly type the user’s name in the search bar; this way, all the files you have in common with that person will appear.

Share files on social networks

Sometimes you may need or want to share a file from your Google Drive account on social networks. This usually happens, especially with documents used in group work or when you create a paper you would like to show others.

To share Google Drive files on social networks, you have to: search your list of files for the one you want to publish and click on the Share option that you will find on the Google Drive toolbar. Another equally simple option is to select the file and, right-click on it, select the Share option from the drop-down menu.

Finally, you will see a link to the file in question and some buttons to share it on the different social networks; choose the option you prefer, and that’s it!

Create forms

Indeed at some time, you have received a message from a friend or acquaintance via email or WhatsApp with the link to a survey designed to collect information for a job. This type of valuable form can be easily created thanks to Google Drive.

To do this, enter your Google Drive account, click on New Document and display the More tab so that the Google form option appears. Then you have to define the questions and possible answers the form should have, generate the link to share it, and that’s it. The rest is taken care of by Google Drive, which will store the data of the answers in excel so that you can work with them easily.

Create presentations

Google Drive is used for much more than writing text documents; it can also be your great ally in creating powerpoint-style presentations. But, you can not only start making them from the beginning; you can also upload a presentation that you have made in another program to your account and edit it with Google Drive since, in a single step, you can change the theme of all the slides. What will be difficult for you will be choosing because the tool has different themes full of colours and very careful designs that will make your presentations more creative.

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