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The 5 Essential Social Networks For Your Company

Companies see social networks as a direct channel through which they can reach and approach many potential customers. In fact, according to the 2022 Social Networks Report, 91% of the Public follow a brand through social networks, and 8 out of 10 indicate that if they are interested in advertising content, they pay attention to it. They are also an interesting means of sale, as indicated by the fact that 65.7% of those surveyed say that they have ever bought something through social networks. The top five and why the brands should or should not be in each one:

Instagram: It has become the favourite social network for the public, as indicated by the fact that 61.4% of people prefer to publish unique content. Creativity, just like on TikTok, is the key to Instagram. Visual storytelling is much more engaging than text, and Instagram is the perfect platform to unleash your imagination. It is a handy tool for telling stories; connecting emotionally with the public is much easier. Many brands publish photos of the company’s day-to-day, behind the scenes, their routine, etc. This promotes a more personal connection with the public; people always sell better than things. Furthermore, according to the report, Instagram has become the most used social network.

Linkedin: Linkedin has more than 500 million profiles of professionals worldwide and is the favourite for professional use, according to 71.4%, so it is very important to find talent and strengthen the brand, as well as establish relationships between companies. In addition, it is key to attracting potential clients and improving Google’s positioning since Linkedin results are usually the first in Google when searching for a professional or a brand.

Twitter: The bird’s social network has 8.75 million users in our country. The key to Twitter is the excellent opportunity it offers brands to maintain direct contact with their customers. The user is aware of what the company does, and we can take the opportunity to address their complaints and questions and check their satisfaction with the service. In addition, this, in turn, helps brands to understand the needs of the client better and quickly obtain objective data on the interests of the target audience.

TikTok: The figures of this social network do not stop growing. Currently, it has 8.8 million active users. Considering the popularity of TikTok among the new generations, those brands whose target audience is the youngest must be on the platform if they do not want to miss out on a great opportunity to gain clients and visibility. A good TikTok strategy will help have more visibility for the brand and its content and connect with the public in a different, fresher, and more enjoyable way.

Facebook: Finally, this list could not miss Facebook, the queen of social networks in terms of the mass of users, with more than 20 million in our country. Although it has been gradually declining in recent years, its potential to generate sales is still very evident. It is a more classic platform, which collects an audience with a more adult average age and allows companies to have a free fan page. In addition, brands can create and promote events, which is more complicated in other networks.

“Social media can help drive business growth by allowing us to connect with our customers, increase brand awareness and even leads and sales, but not every business needs to be on every platform,” “It depends on the public or the sector, each brand must find a meaning and a strategy, it must have coherence. For this reason, the most important thing is that companies have trained professionals capable of establishing an effective social communication strategy according to their needs”.

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