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WhatsApp Plus V12: Download, Pros and Cons

Changing the themes and the font, customizing the chats, and even hiding the “online” registration in your WhatsApp account are possible. Those are just some options that the Plus V12 version of WhatsApp has incorporated.

If the search for the installation file of V12 of WhatsApp Plus brought you here, we have good news: it is the right place.

What is WhatsApp Plus V12?

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used and downloaded messaging applications worldwide. Why? The answer seems simple: it allows you to send encrypted text, audio, image, and video messages with few restrictions. It is also possible to make calls and video calls. And, for the moment, advertising was not introduced.

Despite all the advantages the platform offers, its official version does not have some functions enabled that are of interest and demanded by users. And -because where there is a need, an idea arises- WhatsApp Plus is destined to cover these requirements, a modality of the app that emerged in 2012, the same year as the original, and that version V12 is already available.

Difference between V12 and original

It offers the same generalities as WhatsApp, and its “plus” is to provide alternatives to personalize the visual and the information that each contact can access, maximizing the individual experience and the capacity for intervention.

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How to download WhatsApp Plus V12 to mobile

Through an APK file (What? Wikipedia explains it ), that is, an installation package that contains the application data.

Each app requires a series of data to run on an operating system that, in the case of Android, is compressed into an APK, according to information specialists.

Can I have WhatsApp Plus V12 on my iPhone?

Although it is exposed, the clarification is not superfluous: this is not a viable option for iOS users.

Advantages of WhatsApp Plus V12

The main advantages and differential actions that WhatsApp Plus version V12 incorporates are:

  • Customize the application by modifying themes, colours, and fonts: this option includes the possibility of generating changes both in the general interface of the app and in each chat.
  • Modify the last connection time: version V12 allows you to manipulate the previous minute records of the use of the messaging service.
  • Hide “online” presence
  • Customize read receipts: choosing which contacts will be marked with the double blue tick is possible.
  • Schedule messages: just as Gmail allows you to schedule emails for sending, you can do the same with WhatsApp chats from this version
  • Send large files: unlike the original, which allows a maximum of 16 MB for all multimedia files, WhatsApp Plus has a higher limit, maintaining high quality.
  • Receive notifications when a contact is online: as in the old MSN Messenger -for nostalgic millennials-there is the option of being warned when another user connects.
  • Have a more significant number and variety of emojis.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Plus V12

Everything sounds ideal, but the risks that users may be exposed to when choosing this alternative should not be ignored.

Although the latest version promises to overcome the security deficiencies of its predecessors and, according to the developers, has built-in “anti-ban” functions, since these are unofficial files, consequences such as account blocking may be generated. The official messaging application or the exposure of personal data is enabled.

The entry of viruses into the device is also an open possibility.

Now yes, let’s get to work…

How to download WhatsApp Plus V12 on a mobile phone

The first step is to uninstall the original app if it is built into your phone. It is essential to avoid obstacles when using the unofficial version and to reduce the chances of being blocked from opening a WhatsApp account associated with that number.

The second step, essential to move forward, is to enable the option on the device that allows you to download “unknown applications” from “unknown sources” or “unknown origin.” Access is made from the Mobile Settings, in the Security or Applications section, according to each device.

Usually, for security reasons and by software design, phones are blocked from downloading apps from sources other than Google’s Play Store.

Does that mean that all APKs are dangerous and risk the personal data and information we store on the cell phone? No. The security is related to the download page and the developers of the version. There are highly reliable sites with a wide variety of resources outside the official store.

After those first two essential points, it’s time to download the file. Many sites offer links to download the APK.

APK file to download

Once the download is done, it’s time to run the application simply by clicking on Install. The APK will appear in the phone’s notification bar or the downloaded files folder. Once opened, it is possible to start the session.

You must upload your phone number to start if you have not previously had a WhatsApp Plus account. It is even more straightforward for those who already have the application: they only have to download the new update.

This is all? That’s how it is. It is now time to start testing the alternatives that version V12 of WhatsApp Plus includes, which will surely be the kick for developing superior proposals. Isn’t that the mission of technology?

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