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Multi-Device Whatsapp: What It Is And How It Works

Communications have changed over the years, especially with the arrival of the Internet and smartphones. Having a service when and where you want that allows you to talk to all your contacts is almost necessary, although it is always good to call all those worth talking to.

But it is a fact that speaking on WhatsApp is very simple, and that is why, in order not to miss anything, we will tell you how to use multi-device WhatsApp.

What is multi-device WhatsApp?

As you know, WhatsApp is the queen application when it comes to communication.

It was postulated as the perfect software to speak by text with anyone who had a mobile phone and an Internet connection from its beginnings.

But the fact is that many do not know of the existence of multi-device WhatsApp and may want to know it beyond using a trick to have WhatsApp on two phones.

In essence, this feature allows you to use your account on two phones at the same time.

The messages are synchronized automatically, but the multimedia content you share will not be stored on the other devices unless you decide otherwise.

That is, if you have the automatic download of videos and photos, your terminals will be responsible for saving a copy. Still, if not, you will have to download them manually in each terminal.

How to use multi-device WhatsApp

Now that you know this exciting function of WhatsApp, you may be wondering how to use multi-device WhatsApp.

The first thing you need to know is that you can already use it if you have the beta version of WhatsApp, and if you don’t know how to download it, we’ll tell you how to do it on your smartphone.

Once done, you will have access to many functions that many app users do not have in the final version.

In this case, you will carry out a process that if you are a WhatsApp Web user, you already know it. And we are talking about the transfer of data by QR code.

Once you choose the device to which you want to link your account, you only have to scan the code to pass all the data at once.

Afterward, you will not need to have the phone near or connected to the same network since it will take the data from the server.

Once you have reached this point, you only have to write from the device you want, either from the app or from the Web version, until you get a total of 4 devices.

Later, if you want to unlink one of the devices, you will have to do it from the main terminal.

You will have all the active sessions in view, so you have to touch the one you want to remove and delete it directly.

You should know that there are many restrictions as it is an extension of your WhatsApp account. Will not be able:

  • See real-time location on paired devices
  • Even if you are the administrator of a group, send invitations
  • You also can’t join new groups
  • Pin chats on WhatsApp Web or Desktop.
  • Call other users

Can you use WhatsApp Business multi-device?

Now that you know the secrets of this function of the messaging app, you may want to know if WhatsApp Business is also available in multi-device.

And the answer is a clear yes. The business version has given many joys to large companies and local businesses. Whether you have the iOS or Android version, you will have access to the feature to install it on several devices.

It has the same bonanzas and restrictions as the classic version, although it is true that the business version cannot change the name or the labels.

For the rest, you can answer your customers on the device of your choice and without depending on having the leading mobile phone nearby.

This is quite a step forward since you can delegate the account to other people without depending on a single physical device nearby to answer messages or receive orders.

The following organization is already the responsibility of those in charge, but communication with those who demand their products will improve substantially.

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