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How To Download Whatsapp Statuses On Android Or Iphone

The states of WhatsApp came as a tremendous social revolution enabling us to share with our contacts images and videos of what we are doing at this very moment, some pictures that we like or anything we want, even links. A function that gives a lot of play between friends and family.

The most exciting thing is that we have an option to download and save WhatsApp statuses that we may not know about. It is a somewhat hidden secret, but little by little and with some skill, we will show you how you can get it on your smartphone.

Save WhatsApp statuses

  • Getting hold of the states is very simple and begins because we see them on our mobile.
  • Without seeing them, the mobile will not download and store them to continue with the steps that we will see later.
  • Therefore, we will start by entering WhatsApp and seeing some states, not too many, or if they will not be erased from the temporary memory.
  • The ideal would be to see only the states of the person that interests us.
  • Then, without closing WhatsApp from multitasking, we will enter our file manager.
  • If you don’t have any, we recommend downloading Files by Google.
  • With this app, we can quickly access the internal storage, where our journey begins.
  • Next, we will look for the folder called “WhatsApp,” but if we cannot find it, we can try to locate it within Android> Media.
  • Once inside “WhatsApp” we have to find “Statuses.”
  • And there, we can find the states shared by our friends and acquaintances.
  • A process that has been quick and simple, which we will be able to repeat as many times as we want with the states of the others.
  • It is valid with photos and videos, but in the videos, we could find problems and that only one image has been generated in the cache.

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We solve all doubts

Since this is a little-known feature that can be confusing to many, there are questions to be answered.

Whether you have not yet dared to try the method, or if you have already done so, the first thing you should know is that we have to use the photos as we would like them to do with ours.

Can we download WhatsApp statuses on an iPhone?

However, the process that we have known does not work on the iPhone.

  • In this case, if we want to save a photo or video of a state, we can only choose to take a screenshot or record it.
  • The result will not be the same, but it can save us from a need.
  • Will they know that we have downloaded or saved the state?
  • There will be nothing to fear, and people will only know that we have seen the state like anyone else.
  • As long as we do not say anything, the status may be stored in our mobile, but no one will know that we have it saved with this method.

Apps to download WhatsApp statuses

Although on many other occasions we have used applications to get out of trouble and get everything we want to do with the mobile, this time it is not the case.

The applications to download status are not reliable, they require us too many permissions, and we also have to give them access to the WhatsApp profile.

Our recommendation, in this case, is to stay away from external applications that link with WhatsApp.

In addition, Facebook itself has already blocked access to WhatsApp accounts of people who have tried to violate the rules. With the apps for states that we can see in the Google Play Store or on external websites, we would be winning ballots for this to happen.

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