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How To Share Our Whatsapp Contact By QR Code

The WhatsApp messaging app does not stop integrating changes that promise to be very useful, and the truth is that the latest news that has arrived achieves it. It offers us the possibility of using a QR code to add contacts without saving the phone number, then update the phonebook and start talking.

Now everything becomes much more accessible, and we only have to follow a process that takes 5 seconds of our time. There is no requirement to take advantage of this advantage, and it is already implemented in all Android phones and iPhones. We have to enter the application store to check that we have the latest version of the app and follow the process we show it to you.

Your WhatsApp contact converted to QR

The first thing we will have to do to take advantage of this trick is create our QR code. We will elaborate on this from the WhatsApp app, enter the app, touch the three points at the top, and then Settings.

In the options, we have to touch on the upper right wall, where the icon of a QR code appears. This will give us our only QR code. This will be the one that we will have to teach our friends or acquaintances who do not yet have us as a contact on their mobile to talk to us quickly.

The option can also benefit stores or businesses if we want customers to write us their doubts or concerns through WhatsApp to respond to questions and record all responses quickly.

From the panel, we will be able to choose the share button that is in the upper right part. This will allow us to send it through other digital means so that someone does not have to be personally with us and use it.

Add contacts to WhatsApp by QR code

The process for a QR code to become our contact on WhatsApp couldn’t be easier. Once the other person has followed the previous steps, we will only have to enter the WhatsApp Settings, touch on the QR code that appears at the top right and this time click on “Scan code.”

When pointing with the camera, we will scan the QR with the user’s number, the chat with him will be displayed on the mobile. In this way, we only have to add a contact or talk to him without storing it on our mobile. The conversation will be saved all the time until we delete it.

But if instead of having the other person with us, we have their digital QR code, we will touch on the small icon in the form of an image at the bottom right and select the image. The system will take care of scanning it and showing us the chat.

Can I delete my WhatsApp QR code?

If we want no one else to use the QR code that we have shared digitally, we have to erase its validity. This is also done from WhatsApp in Settings> QR Code. We have three points in the upper right wall that will give us the option “Reset QR code.”

Once this is done, the previous one will cease to be valid, and they will only be able to reach our WhatsApp number from the new one that, for now, we have not shared with anyone.

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