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Tired Of Whatsapp Stickers? So You Can Install New

One of the most important novelties when it comes to expressing ourselves through WhatsApp in recent times has been stickers, which offer us forms of expression that neither words nor emojis offered us. So much so, that a while ago we showed you how you could create stickers with photos to give them personality, and now we offer you new options.

There is also the option to use the stickers that WhatsApp to increase our expressive options, which you can install, computer, or delete to your liking, which we are going to show you next. This is valid for Android mobiles and also for iPhones without any difference.

Get the new stickers on WhatsApp

So that we do not get tired of always using the same stickers that come standard in WhatsApp when we install it on our mobile, the platform does not stop creating new alternatives, as does its opponent Telegram.

The options are usually linked to the time of year, offering new options for Mother’s Day or some special reason.

Before being able to search, locate, choose and install the new stickers, our app must be updated to the latest version.

To do this, you just have to enter the Google Play store from Android phones or the App Store in case you have an iPhone and update to the latest version in WhatsApp.

Although this method is important, there are times that WhatsApp releases stickers and they do not require an update on our part.

They will appear automatically with the method that we are going to show you below.

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Find and install stickers on WhatsApp

To begin, the steps that we must follow are the following:

  • Within a WhatsApp conversation, we touch on the space to write.
  • Now we select the face that will display the WhatsApp emoticons next to space where we write.
  • Next, at the bottom of the screen, we touch on the stickers, the option next to the GIFs.
  • To see the new WhatsApp stickers, we have to touch the “+” at the top of the mobile stickers.
  • To proceed to install the stickers, it is only necessary to press the download button that appears next to it.
  • But we can also access them to see them large or in motion since there are some of these stickers that move, those that are identified with the “Play” button.
  • We can choose as many as we want from the extensive list that is constantly growing.
  • Within each pack of stickers, there are several animations, so if we multiply each pack by at least 10 stickers, we will have a wide variety of options to express our feelings, thoughts, or ideas.

Delete my WhatsApp stickers

After having seen how we can install new stickers on WhatsApp, we can find that we have several packs installed and we do not use them.

  • We can solve this by only deleting those that we no longer want to use or giving priority to some of them.
  • This process is done with almost identical steps; We touch on the WhatsApp emoticons, then on stickers than on the “+”.
  • At the top, we will see the tab “My stickers” where all those installed on the smartphone will be.
  • We just have to keep our finger on one of them on the right side to drag it to the indicated place or click on the trash if we want to remove the sticker from our mobile and WhatsApp.
  • We can do this process as many times as necessary, without any installation or deletion limit.

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