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How Can We Hide Contacts Or Messages On Whatsapp

It is clear that WhatsApp is the messaging application par excellence and that everyone uses it at some time of the day. The amount of people with whom we share all kinds of information through this app makes us want to protect our chats more and more. Therefore, today we are going to show you how you can hide a contact, in addition to the messages that you want.

We have so many open chats that surely some of us do not want it to be seen if at some point we have to leave our smartphone to someone, since, contrary to what happens in other messaging applications, in WhatsApp we do not have any type of secret chat.

The same thing happens with contacts, it may be that we do not want it to be known that we are communicating with someone in particular and we would love to be able to hide the trace of that person.

Well, there are some options to hide a contact or a message on WhatsApp. Regarding contact, we have an absurd trick, but it still works. It consists of changing the name of the contact so that the real name of that person is not seen. Still, we can do it another way that will be less “silly.”

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How to hide a contact on WhatsApp

Hiding a contact in WhatsApp is something that cannot be done natively in the application, but we can hide a chat, which will also cause that person not to appear in this part of the application.

To perform this trick we must do the following:

  • We look for the chat that we want to hide. Once we find it, we must touch on it and keep it pressed until we see that it is selected.
  • Several icons will then appear at the top of the screen. These will allow us to set said chat at the top of the chats tab, delete it, silence notifications, or archive it.
  • To hide the chat and, therefore, also the contact, we have to choose Archive, by pressing the icon that is shown to the right and that draws a folder with an arrow.
  • Once we press it, we will see how that contact disappears from the chats, and thus no one will be able to know that we are talking to that person. Of course, when you write us again, it will appear again on the list.

What we achieve with this is to archive what we have discussed with this contact and we can retrieve it whenever we want if we go to Archived Chats.

This option is present if we slide to the end of the new chats. When we click on “Archived”, we will find that conversation and we can read it again without problems.

If we want that conversation to reappear in the chats section, we just have to keep it pressed, as we did before, until we see an icon appear at the top with a folder and an arrow pointing out.

Click here and it will be back in place.

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How to hide conversations on WhatsApp

The function of hiding conversations as such is not present in WhatsApp, except if we resort to the trick that we have told you lines above.

But if we use WhatsApp from Chrome, we do have an extension that will allow us to delete the chats we want, while we are using the application with the Google browser.

The extension is called WhatsHide and it is available for download and installation for free.

Once we have installed it, we will see how an eye-colored WhatsApp icon with a face appears in the upper right part of Chrome (where we have the extensions). That will mean that the add-on is well installed in the browser.

The operation is very simple, we open the web version of WhatsApp from our Chrome browser, click on the WhatsHide extension icon, write the contact in the text box that appears and press the ” + ” button.

At that moment we see how the chats we had with that person disappear and even the groups where that contact is present.

A blank space is left and absolutely nothing of our conversation is seen.

If we want it to be shown again, we only have to click on the extension icon again and deactivate the switch that appears to put it in the OFF position.

How to protect WhatsApp with fingerprint

Apart from these tricks that we have told you, you can always block access to WhatsApp using fingerprints, a very effective system that will allow only you to enter the app.

To activate the protection through the fingerprint reader, you must follow these steps:

  • We open the application on our mobile device.
  • We touch on the three points in the upper right corner.
  • We go to the Account section and then we enter Privacy.
  • Next, we must click on Fingerprint Lock. It will ask us to unlock it with our fingerprint and then it will be activated for WhatsApp.

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