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Chat Bubbles On Your Android Mobile: Telegram And Whatsapp

One of the novelties that were most willing to change the way of using the messaging apps on Android was the chat bubbles, but once the mobiles have been updated with version 11, not everyone has been able to enjoy the bubbles or encountered difficulties. Therefore, we want to show you everything that you have not been told about the chat bubbles on WhatsApp and Telegram so that you have no doubts.

Chat bubbles on Android 11

For those who do not know what we are talking about, chat bubbles are a function that was integrated years ago in Facebook Messenger and will allow you to always have a conversation in mind as a bubble on the screen. So we had a kind of supplementary tab with the desired conversation.

Google was encouraged to integrate it into Android 11 and the developers have gradually implemented it to match it or at least it is what they should have done because the reality can be different in many aspects.

In the case of having a mobile with Android 11, we would only have to follow these steps to activate the bubbles in WhatsApp and Telegram :

  • We enter Settings
  • We access the Applications
  • We enter the desired app
  • We touch on Notifications
  • Then we click on Bubbles and finally we activate them for everyone

But the most likely thing is that after following these steps, even if a friend talks to us, this still does not work on your mobile. This is not due to any problem with the customization layer, the Android version, or our error, but Facebook has so far not wanted to move that action from Messenger to WhatsApp.

The problems with WhatsApp bubbles

We thus arrive at the situation in which it turns out that they cannot function in the main messaging application and it becomes a useless function. As much as we have tried to activate the bubbles, no method works and that complicates the existence of the users a lot.

The app does not support this type of response since it has not been modified to function in this way and therefore, it is impossible to take advantage of it.

Is there a solution to WhatsApp bubbles?

To use the chat bubbles in WhatsApp or Android 11 or any other version, we are going to have to choose a trick through the What’s app – Bubble Chat. With the new tool that has emerged the disappearance of WhatsBubble, we can enjoy comfortable and personalized chat bubbles.

However, as the official app is not treated, we can find errors, bugs, and specific problems. The best solution is always the official tool, but after verifying that WhatsApp does not intend to integrate it, for now, we will have to go one step ahead.

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Chat bubbles in 2 seconds with Telegram

While in WhatsApp the process is impossible to achieve with the Android options, in Telegram activate the bubbles in sewing and singing. We just have to wait to receive a notification from a friend and then click on the small icon that appears in the lower right.

This will give us the chat bubbles always in this conversation. We can do the same with the rest by going into Settings> Notifications> Telegram> Bubbles or continue doing it manually with the others.

If for some reason we do not want to continue using the bubbles in the chosen conversation, we will only have to slide the upper notification and touch the button again. A very simple operation that WhatsApp seems to have insisted on complicating.

What other apps are compatible with chat bubbles?

Although we find it a very useful and easy-to-use function, just as WhatsApp has not worked for it, neither has Twitter with its private messages and neither has Instagram with direct messages. This brings us to a list in which practically no one has integrated it except Telegram.

We will remain attentive to the changes in case they end up applying it over time or if the arrival of new versions of Android facilitates this process for developers and they are encouraged to do so. For now, it seems almost impossible to enjoy it without Telegram.

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