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Whatsapp Trick To Free Up Memory On Your Mobile

The memory of smartphones is something that we must try to control, especially in those that have little storage space. A mobile full of files will slow down and run into glitches. Among the main causes of memory filling, we find the photos, videos, and WhatsApp files that we continuously receive from groups or conversations.

Those who receive uncompressed photos on WhatsApp and countless memes are the most affected by this problem and, therefore, their mobile can fill up sooner.

Luckily, WhatsApp is aware of the problem, which has led it to work on a solution that we have available on Android mobiles and also on iPhones since the latest updates. A tool that greatly facilitates the process of deleting elements on WhatsApp and, therefore, from the mobile.

Free up WhatsApp memory without leaving the app

  • The tool that we are going to use is already integrated into WhatsApp.
  • To be sure that we have it available, you just need to enter the Play Store or the App Store and check for app updates.
  • In a few quick steps, we can free up the memory of the mobile and WhatsApp without having to be an expert and without complications since they have tried to make it as easy as possible so that anyone can enjoy the new function.

WhatsApp storage manager

  • To start enjoying the tool we have to enter WhatsApp and then touch on the three points in the upper right.
  • Here we have to select “Settings” and it will take us to all the options of the app.
  • We go to the section called “Storage and data”, where we find the needed ” Storage Manager “.
  • With this function, we will be able to carry out all the options we need to erase files and other elements that take up space on WhatsApp and the smartphone.

Delete large files in seconds

  • The first section that we find is the so-called files of more than 5 MB, which WhatsApp qualifies as large files for the use of the app.
  • In this way, when entering this section, we will be able to see at a single glance all the videos, files, or large images that are having the most effects on memory.
  • To get rid of them, we only have to check which ones we want to erase forever, and then select them one by one or mark all of them at once to proceed to delete them from the mobile and that they do not continue to be part of the memory problem .

Delete photos and videos from WhatsApp your way

  • Those who want to go one step further, there is also the possibility of entering the archives of each conversation or group.
  • In them we can order the largest files and thus make it easier for us to recognize those that cause problems in our memory.
  • To free the WhatsApp storage, you will only have to select them and then mark the trash to delete them.

Delete memes and forwarded files from WhatsApp

  • Once we have cleaned the large WhatsApp files, we can exit these tools and then repeat the steps or, in some cases, a different function also appears first.
  • We refer to the option to delete the items sent many times in WhatsApp, which in most cases are images or videos that we do not need to save.
  • This method becomes especially useful for groups where memes , files are shared with the mere intention of making us laugh and have fun.
  • In this way we do not have to be checking what it is about and images that we have sent ourselves will not appear.

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