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Creative Ways To Organize Your Instagram Feed

The presence in social networks is less and less casual, whether we refer to users, as well as brands. The image that is transmitted through these media is that people will have of us or the company and that is why it has become something so relevant. Among the best-known social apps is Instagram, where the first thing we see is the design of the feed, something very powerful and that can be an important help to attract new followers.

Regardless of the purpose for which you want to improve your Instagram feed with a renewed style, you will be able to achieve it with the tips, ideas, and options that we give you. Although the options we offer you give you many possibilities, you will be able to consider other options and we invite you to do so to find your style, inspired by the following alternatives.

Types of feed for the Instagram profile

The ideas that we will show you in some cases are expressed in colors, but it is only a reflection of the explanation we make. When creating your feed, this will inspire you to place images with a predominant color tone.

In addition, on other occasions, we seek the union between the different publications to, for example, create a mosaic. You will be able to do this with your photographs, with a similar result. In addition, you can always give it that different touch that makes you make a difference.

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Color feed on Instagram

The first style and one of the easiest ones to imitate on your Instagram feed are that of colors. We can decide the amount of horizontal or vertical lines that we are going to use for each color, although we recommend doing it in horizontal lines because it is easier to apply new styles.

With this feed model for Instagram, we can expose photographs in different areas with filters where the indicated color predominates. It is also valid for those who share text, illustrations, or other types of creative content. We insist again that each person can apply it in their way.

Chess feed for your Instagram profile

A different style that many people do not think about is checkerboard. This allows us many possibilities, allowing us to make publications freely just by paying a little attention to the order. It’s a great idea to share two different styles of content without having to have two social media profiles.

Some ideas that it allows us is to share photographs and then texts or illustrations. In this way, we create a small “obligation” to make an effort to continue practicing this art that interests us so much. We can also do it through our photographs, alternating them with landscapes or places we have visited.

Combined Instagram feed

The options are endless and even more so when we think of possible combinations. This alternative gives us the possibility of planning the publications at our own pace and trying to adapt them with what we have at hand. Especially artists or photographers who have a lot of material is going to be able to benefit from this style of feed.

With its capabilities, we can create fantastic photos and an eye-catching Instagram profile with just a glance. The photographs do not have to be related to each other, even mixing, as we have seen nutrient, all kinds of content that identify us or make us passionate.

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