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How To Hide Whatsapp Photos From Gallery

The WhatsApp messaging app does not stop for a single moment to avoid being left behind concerning its opponents.

Therefore, among the latest news, it offers us the option of hiding the WhatsApp photos in the gallery, something very useful and that can save us from complicating ourselves in the search for photos and the odd unwanted scare. Privacy is becoming more and more important on mobile phones and that is demonstrated by all these changes.

To carry it out, we just have to follow a series of simple steps that begin once we have updated WhatsApp to the latest version in the Play Store or the App Store. The process can be carried out in two different ways, as we are going to show you.

How to hide photos from a WhatsApp chat or group

To carry out this change in an individual chat or WhatsApp group, we only have to access the app and, later, in the specific group or person that we do not want to see their photos or videos sent in the gallery.

The next step will be to touch on the name at the top, which takes us to the rest of the options for this specific conversation.

Here we will find the option we are looking for, which is called: “Visibility of multimedia files”.

Just by clicking on it, we will see the option to switch between whether we want the chat files to be shown in the gallery or, on the contrary, we do not want it to be like that.

After making the change, we save it by clicking on Ok and we can see how all the previous files will no longer be in the gallery.

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Hide all WhatsApp photos in the mobile gallery

In order not to have to repeat the previous steps in all chats and groups, we can choose a different option such as hiding all WhatsApp files by default, making the default option different, and if we make a change in a chat be the other way around.

To do this, you have to enter WhatsApp, touch on the three points at the top and access the Settings.

Now we have to click on “Chat” to finally deactivate the option that allows the visibility of multimedia files in the gallery of the messaging app.

Don’t let anyone see your photos either on WhatsApp

Although we have already achieved a great step in our privacy by preventing our photos from being in the gallery, not everything has been achieved.

We can also make no one see our photos within WhatsApp and we will do this by putting security in the app itself.

In all mobiles with a fingerprint reader or face unlock, we already enjoy this option that is activated in Settings> Account> Privacy and choosing lock with a fingerprint.

In this way, no one will be able to access our mobile to see the photos received on WhatsApp if we get lost.

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