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Web Links | Tools To Analyze Your Links

Since the emergence of the internet, web links have played an important role in positioning websites that are looking for a place on the web. All this is because they improve visibility and stimulate user traffic. They are essential for a good SEO positioning and, therefore, the performance of your website.

For this reason, if you want to boost your positioning, you should consider the need to get links to your website.

What are Web Links?

Simple, a web link is a bridge that connects one web or page with another. For this reason, this has been the path that different internet bots have traveled for years to discover the existing content on the web.

Think of the internet as a highway that takes everyone from one point to another. Each city or town would be a website, and each exit to it, a web link. Therefore, if your website does not have a link, you will hardly be able to receive visitors, and your website would become a ghost town: No inhabitants, no visitors, no attraction.

For this reason, for Google, the best websites are those that have quality links and relevance to users. Since in this way, the bots will be able to access, read and rank them in a better way.

Likewise, Google established criteria to define the quality of the links for your site. In this way, the best web links will be those that:

  • They come from a reliable website
  • They have a suitable anchor text
  • They are written naturally

So how do you get links of that quality? Look at the following tips:

  • Choose the best place to position the web link. It is useless that your web links are at the bottom. Main pages are preferable, both for outgoing and incoming links.
  • The theme must be consistent. For example, if your website is for cars, your web link must be put on another car website. Or direct to a similar entrance.
  • The anchor text is where the web link is added and is essential to incentivize the click. Be creative and use keywords.
  • Similar texts, google algorithms are getting better designed. Therefore, it knows how to detect words and synonyms in a field; if our weblink is similar to the content of our website, we will have an advantage.
  • Create interesting content. Think about your audience and what they would find interesting to read. Try to make it something they haven’t been told before.
  • Do not forget to register on all social networks, follow the values ‚Äč‚Äčassociated with your brand and add the links on your website. Do it in the post and information.

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SEO tools for the analysis of Inbound and Outbound links

With these concepts and clear advice, here is a selection of tools that will help you evaluate your link profile, discover opportunities, know who is talking about you and where your competition is getting web links.

Google Search Console

Google offers it for free. This SEO tool informs you what is going wrong with your links and knows which pages of your site are acquiring more links.

It will also show you which are the sites that are connected to you by links. In a precise way, it informs you which URLs are from where they come and the exact number of them that have been used.


Today, Ahrefs is one of the most requested SEO tools and services on the market. It offers you data obtained from continuous tracking. With this, you will be able to adapt your web links and generate a better user experience.

You can also locate inappropriate web links that you have on your website. This will help you to improve your web positioning since you are transparent to your users.

With the database that it provides, you can correctly inform yourself of what is done in your market. Amid the noise of so much internet data, Ahrefs gives you the right signals.


At first, this SEO tool offers you a detailed diagnosis of your site. There, it makes you a balance on your most positive and negative web links. Then, it gives you the option to send that report to google. So you can analyze more carefully.

Remember, it is a very easy-to-use SEO tool and is essential for your web positioning. Day by day, you will be able to keep track of your website.

Other SEO tools

Go for more! We advise you to accompany these weblink tools with others. Dare to know and dominate the breadth and breadth of this market. For this reason, we offer you a list of SEO tools that you could use simultaneously with those that we talk about in this post.

  • Review SEO metrics and make informed decisions with SEO tools
  • Check what you can improve on your site to improve your web positioning with the tools for SEO On-page analysis
  • Analyze the performance of your user experience with the tools to analyze the interaction
  • Make your life easier with some of these SEO extensions

We are happy to have helped you by bringing SEO to your business.

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