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Get Increase The Freshness Of Your Site To Improve Your SEO Positioning

Google never rests, and, in this sense, constantly makes changes in its algorithm to increase the value that content gives to freshness (or what is the same, the frequency with which content is added or updated) to calculate positions on search results pages (SERP). This makes it necessary to review content strategies to support the SEO strategy.

For most organizations, the continuous production of content optimized for certain keywords is a problem. To make this task easier and to have a constant flow of content, we recommend combining:

The publication of press releases: to communicate product launches, awards, additions, or promotions. You have to be creative and look in all areas of the company that surely there are things that we can use as content. You have to make sure that the news is written taking into account the SEO strategy including the defined keywords or keywords. In addition to the traditional distribution channels for press releases, such content should be included on social networks where our company has a presence (always taking into account the general online marketing strategy to ensure the relevance of the content for the channel).

Social Media: articles published on the corporate blog must be published on networks. These articles must include content related to the area where the company is an expert, among other topics of interest, such as social responsibility, which help differentiate the company from others and facilitate conversions.

User-generated content (UGC): this is a content source that can be difficult to optimize around defined keywords, but, used well, it can improve the user experience and customer loyalty with the brand, among other benefits. This UGC is created directly by users: opinions about products, services or certain topics included in the site.

Another interesting source is the use of collaborative customer service where the company, together with other users of our products or services, supports the queries of other users. This new approach to customer support offers many benefits for companies, such as obtaining information about products or services directly from the customer, reducing the response time to inquiries – thanks to the users who support the customer as well.-, and, in addition, customer satisfaction is higher due to the better service received.

In summary, companies have to review their content generation strategy to use new sources of information that was not previously used. This use must be done in a coordinated way within the company’s online communication / marketing strategy, in order to obtain the continuous flow of content that supports the SEO strategy. In addition, some of the proposed tactics lead to improvements in other areas of the company (such as the creation of a new customer relationship channel, which helps reduce the number of calls and with direct attention from employees.)

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