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Web Positioning In 2021: How To Gain Visibility With A Good SEO Strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the importance of its Internet presence for any company. Hence, professionals in web positioning or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are increasingly in demand and require greater qualification. And it is that in 2021 all companies want to appear in the first position of Google when searches related to their products or services are carried out. Therefore, the strategies to achieve greater web visibility are becoming more and more complex. In this article, we are going to review some essential elements to improve SEO in the Digital Marketing strategy.

What exactly is SEO positioning?

Search engine optimization or SEO is making a website appear in the top search results on the Internet. These results are also called the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). We can see examples of good SEO positioning in the case of Zalando and Amazon companies. Both platforms sell clothes online. Thus, when a user searches Google for “red shoes”, the first page they will find will be Zalando’s. That means this company has a good SEO strategy. However, if the user searches “Buy red shoes”, the first option they will find will be the Amazon website. This means that this company has better SEO rankings for the phrase “buy red shoes” than Zalando.

Having a good SEO ranking will help both companies sell more red shoes. All this, for the simple fact of appearing in the first position in Google.

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How to get a good SEO web positioning in 2021?

Establishing an effective SEO strategy in 2021 requires taking many factors into account. And it is that the web positioning does not stop advancing, because so do the algorithms of search engines such as Google and the Internet technology itself. Although, we can highlight the 5 elements that are perhaps the most essential to position a website in 2021.

1. Content Strategies: The Essential Element

In recent years, Google has been redoubling its efforts to provide users with the best possible information when searching on the Internet. Therefore, a good SEO positioning happens without a doubt because our company’s website offers good content. When we talk about content strategy we refer, among other elements, to the following.

Have a very detailed and attractive product or service page, where it is very clear what that product or service is like and who may be interested.

Have a blog: This serves to offer useful content to users who browse the Internet. It is not about publishing articles to sell, without more. But to offer quality content. For example, if we sell shoes, a good article might be “How to take care of our shoes in winter.”

Audiovisual elements: It is clear that, in the middle of 2021, image and video are almost everything. Offering these audiovisual elements on our website is an essential requirement to improve SEO.

2. Internal and external links: The link juice and backlinks

Another SEO trend that continues to gain importance in recent years is the use of links. That is, that an external website includes a link to our website, or that our website includes links to an external website that is already well-positioned. These dynamics are known as backlink strategies. On the other hand, within our website, it is also interesting to have a link strategy (it is one of the actions of the so-called SEO on-page).

For example, if the article that we have seen on how to take care of shoes in winters manages to get many visits, it will be advisable to include a link at the beginning of that article, perhaps from a sentence that contains the word “red shoes”, which is addressed to the product page of our store’s red shoes. In this way, from our blog, we will transmit visits and authority (which is known as link juice) to the product page. In the long run, this will translate into increased sales.

3. Aspects of technical SEO

Beyond the content, there are more technical aspects, related to computing, that must be taken care of to improve web positioning. Among them we find:

  • The speed of the web
  • The use of robots.txt
  • Sitemap optimization
  • Canonicalization strategies
  • The structure of the web pages

4. Prepare the web for voice searches

Thanks to the functionalities of smartphones and new smart devices, more and more voice searches are being carried out on Google and other search engines. Therefore, having the content of our website optimized to respond correctly to these searches will be essential. Following the example that we are seeing in this article, the objective is to achieve that, when a user asks their Alexa device, “Where to buy red shoes?”, The device names our company in its response.

5. The Google EAT principle

The principle of Google EAT (experience, authority, and reliability) has emerged in 2021 and will be key for web positioning. It consists of making the content of our website meet these quality requirements. All of this will allow the search engine’s algorithm to consider our content as useful content for users. Therefore, it will rank them better in the SERPs.

Having content that responds to the search intentions of users is an example to meet these quality requirements. But also the fact of having verified information, receiving links from reliable pages, etc.

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