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B2B Websites: The Key To Success

In recent years, relationships between companies have been changing and have adapted to digital trends. Currently, B2B websites are the main means by which companies access their suppliers. The quality of these websites has a direct relationship with the success and positioning of these businesses.

B2B company websites are no longer a showcase or a simple business card. Today, in addition to a cover letter, they are the main axis on which most of your sales are based. According to data, more than 90% of companies in Spain hire their suppliers after searching the different options online.

Therefore, a company that does not have a website or whose online presence is not optimized to appear in the top positions is as if it did not exist. If potential clients do not know about your business, they can’t consider you an option because you should focus on reaching them.

In addition, a functional B2B website allows a large number of inbound marketing techniques to be applied, so it is possible to greatly increase the company’s performance if the correct B2B marketing strategies are developed.

Features of B2B web design

The web design B2B should be oriented towards users to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Without neglecting the importance of the visual aspect, it will be the first image the company perceives. Their experience on the web and its quality will make them consider the company as a possible solution.

The B2B website must focus on usability so that the potential client does not encounter difficulties and decides to abandon it. An essential feature is a responsive design; Most searches are made from mobile devices, and these should be the same or even easier. He thinks that the web is the reflection of the brand, so quality must be present to gain users’ trust.

Some of the most important features that should appear on a B2B website are:

  • Detailed information about the products or services, but without indicating possible technical issues that are not relevant. Indicate its benefits and what makes the difference with the competition, the brand’s values, and the company’s philosophy.
  • Describe the target audience of the company to attract them more directly. Potential customers will feel hinted at, and their interest in the product or service will grow.
  • Content of value attracts the target audience to the web and convinces those who are already on it of the company’s quality. It is usually important to show the solutions developed to previous customer problems and the results obtained through them. Customer testimonials are of great importance in gaining the trust of startups.
  • Share the success stories of the company, as well as its experience in the sector. A specific section for the brands that have been worked with and the possible certifications or awards received will provide great credibility to the brand.
  • Visible and easily accessible contact method. In addition, a greater amount of contact information provides greater reliability and practically ensures the relationship with the potential client. On the other hand, the data collected from the client can be used to develop digital marketing strategies.

Inbound marketing B2B

Developing a website for a B2B company allows you to benefit from many digital marketing techniques. The current trend in this sector makes inbound marketing the best strategy to follow and generates the most benefits.

The main characteristics and techniques of inbound marketing that can be applied to a B2B company website are closely linked to knowing customers and convincing them to solve their problems. It is key to leave behind the concept that the web is a business card that does not contribute anything to the company and focus on using it as a fundamental marketing tool.

The main pillars of an inbound marketing campaign for a B2B company website are:

  • Know well what the professional profile of the client or buyer persona is and focus the web and its contents on solving the possible problems that this potential client may have.
  • Offer content that is of value to the buyer persona. The contents through blog format are the most effective and work best in the field of webs focused on the B2B model. Another format that is trending is webinars.
  • Spreading the created content through social media is one of the best ways to reach your target audience. When it comes to B2B companies, the content is more relevant in a social network-oriented to the labor sector, such as LinkedIn, followed by other networks such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Get Leads and create a database of potential clients. Through a landing page, a form, call to action, or contact, it is possible to collect information about the potential client and use it to continue with the sales process.
  • Use marketing automation to convert leads into customers. Thanks to the data collection and the databases created, it is possible to automatically use tools that offer personalized content to potential clients. These techniques are very effective in convincing the user to trust the company and make the purchase.
  • Analyze the data obtained to optimize the process. It is possible to know to a great extent what has led the client to make some decisions, so it is possible to correct errors or take advantage of some relevant factors.

Everything is based on web positioning

SEO is the basis on which to build an online business model. If no potential client can access it, it is useless to have an eCommerce or a B2B company website. A website does not rank among the first results without doing anything, no matter how well designed it is or how important the company is.

SEO is responsible for getting the top positions in search engines. We are talking about a set of techniques used to increase the traffic of users of a web page and thus achieve that it appears in the first position when conducting an internet search. Based on optimization, analysis, and content creation, this is how a business is made visible on the internet.

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