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The Eight Most Popular Google Extensions To Learn Languages

As is well known, English, like other languages, is widespread worldwide, which means that more people every day want and try to learn them.

It can be seen that English, French and others are very common languages ​​on the Internet, which means that on many occasions, we come across situations that create the need to understand something of these languages ​​to surf the net.

Do you know these Google extensions?

This post will show you the eight most popular Google extensions to learn languages.

Speak it

Through this extension, you can automatically read a text you have selected from any source, be it a web page or an Office document. For this reason, it is ideal for language courses in schools, institutes or universities since it allows the automatic detection of more than 50 languages.


It is a highly appreciated virtual encyclopaedia because it makes it easy for the user to see the definition of each word and contains a very important history of concepts. It includes dictionaries in different languages ​​such as Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, English and many others.

On the other hand, it allows you to download the history as a CSV file and have other Chrome extensions access the report.

Linguix Grammar

It is designed to help students and help them improve their knowledge of English and to show a table of the most common spelling mistakes that are usually made in texts.

In addition to the corrections in the essays, it also recommends recommendations and includes predictive texts so that you can write faster. Therefore the student can also learn new words.


Read & Write (literally Read and Write) is listed as one of the best extensions for language learners because it is not only adjusted to English. Its best quality is translating text to speech and vice versa, text and image dictionaries, and contextual recommendations.


Duolingo is very popular as an extension used to improve vocabulary. After registration, you can select the target language, set weekly goals to achieve and start solving tasks. Duolingo offers you courses divided into modules grouped to master specific skills.


ReadLang swaps foreign language words with native language alternatives with just one click. Also, it has the option that you can create cards for better memorization of phrases. The system supports 40 languages.

Deepl Translator

Online machine translation service created by the Linguee team. It has a very useful extension for translation, making it possible to translate unknown words anywhere on the web instantly.

Pronunciation Checker

The Pronunciation Checker is ideal for mastering pronunciation simultaneously as writing, reading and writing vocabulary. The speech recognition technique it employs is quite good at detecting spelling errors. Users can add their favourite audio files or learn languages ​​other than English.

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