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New Effects With Zoom For Your Video Calls

Video calls are becoming more and more prone and used, a resource that became one of the best solutions during the onset of COVID-19.

Among the most downloaded applications of 2020, Zoom sneaked in as a revelation for offering us conversations with up to 100 people at the same time with great potential. Something that continues to improve and increase to now offer new effects in video calls with Zoom studio, some more than curious options.

Whether we are going to make a video call with family members or we are going to have a meeting through Zoom, we are going to be able to benefit from the new effects that the platform is beginning to integrate. You just need to download the latest version of the program or update it on your Windows or Mac computer, and we will come across the options that are being added.

How to use the new Zoom effects

To start taking advantage of the effects that Zoom adds in its latest version, we just have to make sure that it is updated as we have already mentioned and, then, start a video call as we normally do in the program.

Then it’s time to tap on the button called “Video options” that appears next to stop the video.

This will open an options tab where we find the classic effects to change the background of our video call.

But also, we will run into the one known as Studio Effects that may still be in the Beta version for many users, although it can also be used.

This is where we will come across all the possibilities and a preview of the changes we are making to our face or those on our camcorder.

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What Effects Include with Studio Effects

Among all the options that appear with this new extension for Zoom, we find above all possibilities to personalize the face.

Among everything that we can modify at will, we find the thickness and color of the eyebrows, modifying it carefully so that it goes unnoticed or, achieving the opposite because we can also change the color for any of the palettes of colors.

We can also add a beard and mustache, as well as change the style to the one that convinces us the most, modifying the desired color to use here as before.

In addition, some predefined effects allow us to add, for example, features of rabbits, squirrels, or other animals, which is very reminiscent of Instagram filters.

They have not forgotten the lip color, although it is expected that little by little options and effects will continue to increase that can give our face a different and even fun appearance.

Once we want to return to the original state, we find the “Reset” button at the bottom, which does is eliminate all the effects.

Why can’t I use the Zoom effects?

You have likely decided to try the new Zoom effects and you will not find the option anywhere.

Something more than likely, given that the platform is updating this service in the beta phase in a phased manner by users.

We recommend that you try manually from the Zoom settings, to receive before the options to customize the face with Zoom and not have to wait so long to enjoy them.

For now, these options are not integrated into Android and iPhones, so to enjoy them, yes or yes, we have to use the computer.

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