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Do Apps Work To Clean The Memory And Viruses Of The Mobile?

Although users are more and more familiar with new technologies, there are still doubts about a very important issue such as the supposed apps to clean the mobile and keep it protected. With the infinity of applications of this style in Google Play, it is easy to trust them, making it possible for them to be one of the most downloaded.

However, in most cases, if not all, these apps do not deliver what they promise and will not achieve any type of advantage for the user beyond taking up space on the phone.

Intending to explain everything these apps do, we have prepared this post that tries to dispel the myths about protection against viruses and junk on mobile.

What do the supposed apps do to clean the mobile?

What these applications promise is to offer us a complete cleaning of the terminal, to prevent waste from accumulating in the system, but in reality, in most cases, the only thing they do in most cases is to free up the RAM of the phone to get an extra charge. speed.

We could do the same by entering multitasking and closing apps.

Fake apps have been on Android for a long time in various modes, which is one of them.

Sometimes, even the app fills our smartphone with unnecessary waste, and we will notice a big difference when eliminating it.

The few alternatives that do work

If our purpose is to ensure that the mobile is not full of unnecessary files and improve performance, we will have to opt for the cleaning tool that already comes in our Android mobile.

Each layer of customization integrates its method, although we can also rely on another option such as the Google Files app.

From it, we will be able to clear the app cache, get rid of duplicate files, and free up space.

Being developed by the creators of the operating system, it is the one with which we obtain the best result.

This is what mobile cleaning apps should do, but this requires much more work and a more complex elaboration than few applications can afford.

Virus protection doesn’t work in apps

Although these applications should be constantly attentive to the apps that we download, the files that enter our mobile, or the connections that are made through the various services, this is not really what happens.

We have been able to verify first-hand that if we try to download an external file and/or damaged files that could affect our smartphone, it is still possible to insert it into the phone and even open them.

Unlike what happens with good protection in computers, where they are directly eliminated.

To be protected, common sense is the best weapon

For the aforementioned reasons, we are aware that apps that promise us security against threats do not work as they say.

This leads us to configure the protection that comes by default in Android and that avoids installing apps from unknown sources, in addition to common sense.

We just have to trust Google Play to install apps, not admit files from any website that does not offer us all the security, and, above all, not enter data in places that do not have all the protection measures.

This will be the best antivirus and when in doubt, we will always avoid installing or downloading anything.

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