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How Opera Stands Out From Other Web Browsers

There are many and very varied web browsers that we can find for computers, expanding more and more to mobile phones. However, Google Chrome is one of the leaders in this sector, making Opera with its many options and possibilities relegated to second place. You may have heard of this option, but do not know all its possibilities.

So that you know Opera better, we are going to show you what are its peculiarities, advantages, and points that differentiate it from Google Chrome among other options. Surely some of its options end up making you try it and give it a try.

The strengths of the Opera browser

Although we highly value the performance that browsers give us, they are becoming more evenly matched and we must often put our sights on the facilities and options they offer us, to try to find what we need.

Before comparing it with other options, we are going to focus on the advantages and possibilities of Opera, with which it gives a virtual “knock on the table” to say: I am here and I can do everything.

A light and renewed browser

  • One of the keys that allow Opera to stand out from the rest is its lightness.
  • This is beneficial, as it is also key to improving the loading speed of the different websites that we can visit.
  • Another key to the browser is that it is continuously integrating important changes, which makes it not lag behind its competitors.
  • Thanks to this, it is not necessary many times to search for accessories, but the system itself already integrates them.

Integrated VPN

  • One of the great needs of browsers is privacy and that is achieved in part thanks to a VPN.
  • More and more users are encouraged to approve this modality and then adapt to use it.
  • This benefits us to achieve total privacy, without giving data to anyone about our place or interests.
  • With Opera’s integrated VPN we do not have to make any payment and it is only necessary to touch the button, choose the continent from where we want to see connected, and skip complex steps that do not always work as they should.

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Chatting has never been so easy

One of Opera’s great additions is the integration with Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and WhatsApp, allowing us to have instant access to the Opera sidebar to continue communicating whenever we want, just by pressing the button.

  • This is one of the big differences that the Opera browser includes.
  • No other offers such fast and instant integration.
  • We can write messages, use emoticons and even send voice notes.
  • Our favorite chats can stay anchored, thus avoiding another intermediate step.

Themes and customization to our liking

  • One of the most important points has to do with organization and customization.
  • Opera in these years offers us variety, with subjects in course mode that try to improve our use of the computer.
  • In addition, it offers the possibility of organizing workspace with favorites, quick access tabs, and practically everything we need.

Similar to Google Chrome and different in turn

  • Observing the browsers Google Chrome and Opera, we realize that the similarities are more than we think.
  • Although there are also key points like the ones we have seen, which can make us prefer Opera over its competitor.
  • After all, all browsers have built-in functions that make them similar, and therefore, it is difficult to prefer one over the other.
  • Our journey and experience will be very important when deciding, and there is no better way to draw your conclusions than by testing them for a while.
  • We can download Opera for free on its website, both for computers and other Android devices, Apple or even Linux.

Why wouldn’t we switch to Opera?

One of the reasons that can make us not switch to Opera could be that we already have all the bookmarks and bookmarks stored in our browser, although luckily Opera allows us to import bookmarks from other browsers that we have installed.

Their aesthetic differences can make us be misplaced and it would be another key aspect.

The sidebar can confuse us, although with the time of use we end up adapting to this different aspect of the browser.


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