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Forget Recording Audios On Telegram, Clubhouse-style Voice Chat Is Coming

Technology does not stop advancing for a single moment and changes in social networks are the order of the day, Telegram is one of the most active since its developers are always integrating news so as not to be left behind concerning other platforms. This has led him to integrate voice chats in Telegram, which would be similar to Clubhouse.

Previously we already learned what the Clubhouse platform consists of and anticipating its arrival to more users, Telegram itself offers us the same mechanism in the app within channels and groups. As we could see at the time, Clubhouse worked by invitation, and therefore it is very difficult to get access to it, something that has nothing to do with Telegram and its null requirements to use voice chats.

Steps to create a voice chat on Telegram

The process to start creating a voice chat couldn’t be easier. To begin, we enter Google Play or the App Store to verify that we have the latest version of the Telegram app since the old versions will not be able to use it. Then we access the application and follow these steps.

We will require to be owners of a group or channel in which there are more users or create a new one and then share it as we will show you.

Once we are located in the Telegram channel where we want to create a Clubhouse-style room, all we have to do is touch on the name of the channel or group. This will take us to a new tab where if we touch on the three points in the upper corner, the option to start a voice chat appears.

Then he will ask us for confirmation to start the voice chat, in which all members can participate.

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Talk and invite friends

Once the voice chat is started, we just have to wait for other members to join or we can choose to invite them. To do this, we only have to touch on “Invite members” and we will get a quick list with all those who are in the channel or group to notify them of the voice chat in which they can participate.

But as you can see, at the top there is also the option to create and share a link, which allows us to offer voice chat to other users on Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp groups to join the voice chat on Telegram and let’s keep the conversation and talk about the desired topic.

To speak we just have to keep the finger pressed on the central green button or touch it only once so that it stays continuously live. To stop it we will play again just once.

Voice chat options in Telegram

Both had started the voice chat on Telegram and previously, we have at our disposal a series of options that allow us to get the most out of our room on Telegram.

The first option and one of the most interesting are to choose how we will appear personally, which is modified by touching the voice chat options and at the top. But we can also choose if the new members of the group can participate or start as silenced from the permissions.

If for some reason we want to save all the audio chat that we keep, we just have to touch start recording, something that requires a title. We must know that all other users will also know that the conversation is being recorded so that we are on an equal footing.

Another very interesting option appears before starting the recording, where we can choose to start the voice chat now or schedule it with the rest of the users to spend a specific day and time. With this, we get everyone to keep in mind that at a certain moment they will be able to talk to us about a specific topic and that there are more users connected.

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