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Comparison Of Microphones To Record Podcast With The Computer

In recent times the world of podcasts has gained many users, both those who listen to content and those who dare to record their podcast so that listeners listen, reflections and entertain themselves with what we have to tell. A form of communication that is reminiscent of radio and offers the possibility that anyone from home with a microphone next to the computer can start the recording and upload it later to the network.

But as on other occasions, it has happened to us, there is an essential element to achieve a good recording and that is the microphone. As we know that choosing a microphone to record podcasts is not something simply because they have infinite data to look at, we are going to make a comparison where we can learn about some of the most popular microphones.

The podcast microphone comparison

Not everyone has the same needs and the objective set in the same result, that is why among all the characteristics that we are going to see we also look at its average price. This will serve to get an idea of what we can buy with our budget and choose based on what we will learn.

Samson Meteor Mic, the cheapest microphone

The first option that we find in the comparison is from the Samson brand and although it may not sound familiar to you, it has a long journey when it comes to working with sound products. It is one of its most economical models and it should be noted that it offers us an integrated USB capacitor.

It comes prepared to connect it and start recording, without too many options that complicate the result. It is possibly the ideal option for those who are looking to get started in the world of podcasting and do not want to leave too much money without knowing how long they will use it. It works with Windows and Mac OS so there is no excuse.

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Blue Yeti X, a model that rises to the next level

With a much more professional appearance and also with added functions, this microphone with higher quality materials makes the price go up to 170 euros, a price for which we must take advantage of the technology it offers us. On this occasion, the microphone offers ideal directionality to record in different situations and make the sound perfect.

It also has a wide impedance that achieves the best result to pick up the voices during recording, filtering out noises or other elements that are leftover. As if that were not enough, its design is equipped with led lights to make it more prominent. All this with a USB connector with a capacitor because it does not require more cables or elements.

AKG Lyra, the high-quality retro style

The AKG firm is greatly recognized within sound devices and this time it allows us to get a microphone suitable for podcasts of any level with overwhelming ease to use it, being able to use it with computers and even tablets or mobiles.

In the microphone itself, many controls are integrated that allow us to adapt the sound to the needs and the directionality captures all the sounds we need. Its price of 150 euros makes it as recommended as the previous model, although it is true that in the construction it leaves something more to be desired.

Rode NT, well, nice and not so cheap

The last microphone for the podcast of the comparison that we find in our comparison is this complete option that enters through the eyes and also because of its characteristics, but which nevertheless may be far from the price that some beginners want. Its use is simple and its style fits in with any setup, as well as being compatible with tablets and computers.

It lacks practically nothing in its characteristics and the ease of use that the USB connector offers us, it makes us overlook that it is merely intended for studios or rooms due to its directionality. It is a good option if everything fits us, even if it is a higher outlay than the cheapest we saw before.

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