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Features That An App Should Have

Today, the development of mobile applications is booming due to the increase in the use made by users of these devices and the large number of benefits that an application can provide in the achievement of business objectives. Therefore, it is essential to know the functionalities that an app must have to achieve success in the market.

Would you like to know the essential characteristics that a mobile application must meet? Stay and read this post, we show you everything you need to know below.


One of the conditions that every mobile application must meet is usability. Any app must present an easy and intuitive interface that allows the user to use it comfortably.

In this way, the individual will have a positive experience and will access the app again since they can perform that action or fulfill the objective pursued when using the application.

If the management of the application is complex, the chances that the user will abandon the app and that they will not use it again or recommend it to family and friends will increase.

Smart notifications

Mobile applications must be a channel of communication and relationship between the brand and its buyer persona. Therefore, it is important to maintain regular contact with users through smart notifications.

It is not enough to notify the individual about the development of a new update, but it is necessary to know their behavior and their requirements to offer them what they need at the right time.

On the other hand, it should be noted that smart notifications should be used rationally and not abuse their use since that could saturate the user.


Another of the functionalities that an app should have is security. Offering protection and invulnerability is essential to guarantee a good execution of the application.

Thus, a secure system of access and password reestablishment must be provided, protection of the data and information provided by the user must be granted, and evaluations made on those factors that may influence and impact the security of the mobile application.


Depending on the business model, geolocation can be the key aspect to achieve business success through the creation of an app for the brand.

Through this particularity, we can not only obtain greater knowledge about the user and their habits, but if our business is local we will be able to impact with great efficiency on our target audience.

By knowing the location of each individual who uses the app, we have a greater ability to provide personalized offers, based on their location and interests. That is, we increase the probability that the user ends up making a conversion.


Obtaining feedback on the application from the users who use it is important to know how to improve the platform or what features to enhance to achieve better results. Thus, users should be encouraged to write ratings or reviews that allow us to obtain a global vision of their opinion about the app.

Likewise, it is convenient to integrate functions that allow the sharing of existing content in the mobile application on other platforms, such as social networks. This would increase the visibility and awareness of the app and allow the user to recommend the app.


Analytics is vital to understand how the app works and obtain information about how users use it. In this way, you can make better decisions, identify the evolution of the app and discover its performance.

As has been observed throughout the article, mobile applications can bring a large number of benefits to most of the existing businesses, thus improving the results obtained by the company. For this reason, it is important to adapt their characteristics to the needs of the market and take into account the basic functionalities that they must adapt to be successful.

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