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Wifi Amplifier: What It Is And Why You Should Use It

Having the Internet at home is most normal in these times. If you haven’t installed it yet, you should look at the huge offer of rates that allow you to use it to work, play, study… However, sometimes there are problems with coverage: the router is the one that supplies the signal to all devices connected, but you will not always have the same power everywhere unless you use a wifi amplifier.

What is it, and why should you use a wifi amplifier

Each home or office has its distribution, and if there is wifi in it, the way it reaches every corner depends on how the architect has designed it. Likewise, the construction materials used also come into play. Finally, the router has a maximum range to send the signal at different powers.

If what you are looking for is a good solution to have all the power of wifi equally in your home or office rooms, wifi amplifiers can be your best allies.

Logically, the closer to the router, the better signal you will have on your device (tablet, computer, mobile…), more than enough reason to use one or more amplifiers. So you can enjoy the best Internet connection throughout the house or office.

Improve the Internet in your home with a wifi amplifier

A wifi amplifier only repeats the signal

There is one thing that we must make clear to you when using a wifi amplifier, and that is that the power will always be the same. In other words, the Internet you have contracted has a maximum upload speed, and the amplifier is only responsible for bouncing the signal that reaches other parts of the house.

That is why it can be said that what is increased is the range in which you can receive Internet throughout the home or office, but the power of the Internet will not increase more than what you have contracted. We also mentioned this when we told you whether or not it was worth buying a gaming router, something we recommend you take a look at.

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Does one of 2.4 GH’s work?

Another important point that you should consider is the ability of the wifi amplifier to bounce a signal. And you must know that if your router can send a 5 GHz signal, your signal replicator should have this capacity active.

Any device will indeed work for you, but the truth is that if you have this wireless technology, it will be very helpful to have the maximum in those points of your house where wifi does not reach.

This point also affects the device’s price, which is not an exaggerated rise, but it may be worth it.

Where to place the wifi amplifier in your house

When placing the wifi amplifier, you must take into account the router’s coverage. We have already told you about this before, and we must warn you that it is best not to abuse the range of the device. The reason is to obtain the maximum coverage possible in that part or parts of the house where there is little or no coverage.

For that, we recommend using your smartphone. You will need to download an app to check wifi coverage near you. Of course, the connection tool can help you see how much coverage you have, but if you want a more exact measurement, apps like wifi Analyzer take care of it.

The other part you need to consider, and this is important, is having an electrical outlet nearby. The wifi amplifier requires electricity to work, so keep in mind where you will put it and that it is good to bounce as much signal as possible.

How to set up your wifi booster

In this section of our tutorial on using a wifi amplifier, we cannot give you more information on configuring your new device. Each manufacturer has its way of adapting its device since, sometimes, everything happens because it obtains the signal from the router via WPS.

Afterward, you can move it to any room, and it will automatically connect to the router. Just wait a few seconds, and then you will have the connection under the router’s name.

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