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Is It Worth Buying A Gaming Router?

The gaming theme in technology has spread through many hardware and other gadgets divisions. It is no longer uncommon to find computer cases, coloured RAM cards and even smartphones with a design of this style. But this theme is also available for many other devices, such as gaming routers. We tell you if they are worth it or not.

First of all, you need the Internet at home

When you hire an Internet service, the company and the technicians care about everything. The process goes by itself, from informing you of the quality of coverage in your area and even if fibre can be installed where you live. The installation of the wiring and the router is something you do not have to worry about, beyond pressing the power button and everything works.

As a consumer, you can choose the device you want to have at home and buying your router can be a great option. There are many switches that you can buy, but those called gaming routers may catch your attention, which we will talk about today.

This is what gaming routers are like

Design according to the gaming theme

If you are a fan of social networks and computing, you may come across more than one video or publication that will show you the assembly of beastly PCs. High-frequency plates, super-powerful RAMs for the latest processors and next-generation graphics, all with a cutting-edge, transgressive, and eye-catching design.

The same goes for gaming routers, the vast majority of which have a sharp design that differentiates them from the rest of the “dull” switches. The rectilinear and cybernetic shape is very striking, so if you care a lot about the room’s design and where you put it, you may like to have it close. However, are these routers just a design, or is there something behind that facade that makes us consider them high-performance devices?

Priority to the game

We already know the importance of a router at a functional level and that you can use it as another element of decoration according to your needs. But the question of the functional status of this device is important for many since the question of whether a gaming router is worth it can be relevant when making the purchase.

Perhaps the most considerable doubt in this regard is in their performance and whether they can make the most of the network to which they have connected. The truth is that these devices have software with QoS ( Quality of Service ) that allows specific devices to be given priority so that they receive the greatest amount of data possible during use.

This is very beneficial for gamers as they can receive the electrical signal on their computers with an almost instantaneous response. This is what is known as ping, which is measured in milliseconds.

Of course, if you watch Netflix or YouTube, you won’t notice the difference, but if you’re a gamer, you’ll know that response time is vital to perform actions at a given time. And it is that if there is something that bothers many online multiplayer games, it is that the characters respond late to the orders that are sent.

So, is it worth buying a gaming router or not?

If we have to give you our opinion on whether to buy a gaming router or keep the one you have, it is this: it all depends on how you use your Internet. Leaving aside the aesthetic section, which you may or may not like, the important thing is whether or not you need to have an almost instantaneous signal.

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