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Tricks To Check The Wifi Signal On Your Computer

The use of the network at home, at work, or in our study center is very important and although it becomes essential to connect to a high-speed fiber-optic connection like we cannot lose sight of other relevant aspects. . It is also key to identify the signals to know if it is convenient to connect to a WiFi network or others in case there are several.

This can also be drastic to check if it is better to work online in one room or another of the house, knowing how to recognize in this way where more elements create interference or which walls are thicker and therefore limit our connection. Be that as it may, we are going to show you how to check your network so that you make the right decisions at all times.

The icon that indicates the WiFi range

Unlike other complex processes that we have done on other occasions, it is very easy to know the WiFi intensity in Windows 10. The operating system puts us on a tray to see what a WiFi signal is capable of, for what we only need is to connect to the network as we would any other and take a look at the icon next to the volume and clock.

The icon with four waveform lines tells us if they are completely blank that we have a very good signal, while on the contrary, as the lines go down we run into a smaller WiFi range that will force us to move around or change the network.

In case this icon does not appear on your computer, you will have to touch the arrow next to it to access the hidden icons, and just by dragging it with the left mouse button pressed, you can always have it within sight to check how is the WiFi network you are connected to. If at any time the signal is lost, we will also identify it with an icon that refers to the disconnection.

The advanced option to view the WiFi signal

Although the method we have seen before is very simple, it is not entirely accurate and may leave room for doubt, so we can rely on the command prompt to know the exact percentage of signal that our computer receives. With this, we will have the most accurate information about the range of our WiFi.

To check it, you just have to follow these steps:

  • We open the command prompt by typing CMD in the search bar.
  • Once inside we are going to write the following: netsh wlan show interfaces

With this code, we will find everything we need to know about the WiFi signal to which we are counted, but there is no way to do this test with other signals without being connected. We will be able to repeat this as many times as we burn, checking in different places that such is the WiFi range.

Why is the Wi-Fi signal different on other computers?

Although we carry out the tests that we have learned with two computers at the same point, we will surely not obtain the same result, since this not only depends on the WiFi network but also on other elements and technologies such as the connection antennas that each computer integrates.

This is also unrelated to us and we can do little to improve it beyond trying to avoid WiFi interference by placing ourselves in the places with the best coverage, range, and therefore the highest speed.

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