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What Are Widgets And What Are They For?

Widgets are elements that we make great use of when we use our mobile devices or computers. However, not everyone knows what widgets are and what they are for.

Would you like to know what widgets consist of and what functionalities do they allow? Stay and read this post, we show you everything you need to know below!

What are widgets?

Widgets can be defined as small programs that aim to facilitate access to certain applications and display information related to them at a glance, without the need to open the said app.

In addition, many widgets also allow us to perform certain actions in different apps from the home screen of our mobile device or pc.

It should be noted that the origin of the widget is in the twentieth century, thanks to the Athenea project in 1988.

What are widgets for?

One of the main characteristics that determine the usefulness of widgets is the ease they present to perform, simplify or even automate tasks of an application. In this way, they allow us to carry out the actions we want more quickly and efficiently.

Likewise, nowadays we constantly use the mobile and the computer, so the fact of always having an application widget in view will encourage its use, increasing the time we spend within it. This can be very beneficial for brands and improving business results.

What are the benefits of widgets?

Among the advantages that we can observe in the widgets, the efficiency and usefulness they offer the user to make use of an application should be highlighted.

Likewise, the fact that they are not very intrusive, the possibility that some of them present to collect data on the use that individuals have of the app, and, even, the loyalty they get from users, place these programs in a very important factor. important to improving sales and profits made by the company.

Widgets are also prone to be shared by users, increasing the number of people who will use these elements and, with it, the number of impacts that the brand will generate.

What types of widgets are there?

About the functionalities that a widget presents, we can distinguish 3 types:

  • Informational widgets: this variety of widgets focus on providing information of interest to the user and always revolve around a specific topic. Thus, we can highlight the weather or calendar widgets, among others.
  • Accessory widgets: accessory widgets are those that do not require Internet access to be used and do not depend on an application for their operation. In addition, they usually come already integrated into all mobile phones. Here we find the calculator or the clock.
  • Application widgets: finally, application widgets refer to tools that reduce the complexity of using the applications that we download, allowing us to carry out actions easily and simply. Within the application widgets, mail, or social networks can be included.

As has been observed throughout the post, widgets are tools that we use daily and that offer us a greater facility to interact with all the applications that we download or have integrated into our mobile phones.

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