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What Are The Essential Elements In An eCommerce

Each online store must be developed taking into account the target audience to which it is directed and the sector of activity to which it is going to be destined. However, all eCommerce must show a series of factors that are essential to guarantee the success of the web. Therefore, it is essential to identify which are the essential elements in eCommerce.

Would you like to know what elements your eCommerce must have to achieve your business objectives? Stay and read this article, we show you everything you need to know below!

Menu by categories

For an eCommerce to be effective it must have a good web architecture, based on a menu by categories that allow the user to find the product or section they want with great ease.

This fact is of great importance since if the person who accesses your website is not able to access the section they want quickly and easily, they will have a great chance that they will end up leaving the website without having made any purchase.

In this way, through a suitable menu organized by categories, you will be benefiting the usability of the website, increasing sales, and making conversions by users.

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Optimized images and texts

Other elements that will affect the success of an eCommerce are the inserted images and the descriptive texts of each of the products that make up the online store.

The images must be of high quality, allowing the user to view the details and characteristics of the article. In addition, they must include keywords in their title and alternative text that will benefit their positioning in Google Images.

Likewise, the description of each product must be attractive and highlight its qualities, since it will determine the user’s purchase decision. As in the case of images, it is important to include keywords that allow you to get a good position in Google search results.

Calls to action

A call to action or CTA is a button that is inserted on the web for the user to make the desired conversion in e-commerce.

These buttons should stand out from the rest of the content displayed on your website and include a phrase that reflects the action that is expected to be received from the individual.

Through these calls to action, you can direct the user to the different sections of your site so that they finally end up making a purchase, therefore, they are configured as essential elements in eCommerce.

The clear and simple payment process

Any online store must have a comfortable and simple payment process that facilitates the completion of the purchase by users. Therefore, it is vital to design a process that guides the individual in each of the steps to follow, minimizing the difficulty and establishing clear guidelines.

If a person finds the purchase process excessively complex, they will end up giving up and the conversion will not take place.

In the same way, given the bad experience, they will not access the web again to buy any product and they will not recommend the brand to family and friends.

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Value proposition and reviews

The reviews and opinions made by those users who have already used your products are one of the factors that any individual takes into account when deciding to buy the items. Thus, this element must be integrated into the web so that it can be appreciated by the target audience.

It is also advisable to dedicate a section of the web to show the values ​​of the company and the differential advantage over the competition.

As we have seen throughout the article, when creating an eCommerce it is important to pay attention to certain elements that will positively affect the performance of our online store. Only in this way will we be able to create a positive user experience that increases conversions by users.

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