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Application Development Trends In 2021

The world of technology continues to advance and mobile applications are one of the great beneficiaries of this fact. Thus, the importance of knowing the trends in the development of mobile applications in 2021 and what their influence will be on our way of using these platforms is highlighted.

Would you like to know what new features are going to be implemented in the area of ​​mobile applications this year? Stay and read this post, we show you everything you need to know below!

Artificial intelligence

One of the big reasons why artificial intelligence is making its way into application development is its ability to automatically learn the behavior of each user.

This peculiarity will provide enormous possibilities, since the app will predict and identify the actions that an individual wishes to perform, anticipating their need, facilitating the action, and improving their user experience.

In this way, brands will gain customer loyalty, increase their sales and see a good impact on their business results.

5G technology

The arrival of 5G will be another of the most significant developments in application development throughout this year. The great speed offered by this technology and the efficiency it will bring to the use of mobile apps will make its incorporation essential.

In addition, 5G technology will enhance the functionalities of mobile applications, being able to implement functions of higher quality, performance, and value for users.

All these factors suggest that 5G will be a revolution and a great change in the way we connect and use the different apps.

Portable devices

Wearable technology will also take center stage in the mobile applications sector. This is due to the possibility it offers of creating an ecosystem around the user and providing a positive, comprehensive, and individual experience to each person.

We can observe this trend more and more every day in smartwatches and fitness or sports applications, mainly.

Thanks to IoT solutions, the mobile phone will become a central tool to collect numerous data from our day to day obtained by sensors and apps, allowing us to know our physical activity, health data, mobility, etc.


Especially in recent years, we have observed the importance of offering our products or services over the Internet, being able to establish a relationship with users through eCommerce or app. This is where the proliferation of M-commerce was born.

Individuals are showing a change in their purchasing patterns, preferring to purchase their products through a mobile device, given the ease and convenience that this method entails.

In this way, it is increasingly important that our business has an effective mobile application that allows making purchases from the tool, incorporating functionalities of payment methods.

Using the cloud

Finally, within the trends in application development in 2021, we cannot forget the use of the cloud.

Many developers are choosing to use the cloud to store content for mobile applications, as this service has proven to be very beneficial for storing and transferring data and information.

This would serve to minimize the space that the app occupies on mobile devices, without losing the characteristics and peculiarities offered by the application. In addition, we will continue to be able to access it from anywhere and at any time we want.

As has been observed throughout the article, this year will mean the incorporation of technological innovations in mobile applications to offer a better experience to users, adapt the new revolutions in technology to the behavior patterns of individuals, and achieve the business goals.

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