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Looking For A Multimedia Centre? The Best Alternatives To Kodi

As we usually show you, there are many options in technology that allow us to do the same through various programs or applications, and after knowing everything that the Kodi multimedia center can do, we also want to show you other options that work the same but offer us in some cases more options. Either because it has caused us problems or because it does not convince us, we can choose.

We will only have to know all its possibilities and choose which one it is that ends up convincing us. When an app succeeds, it is not uncommon to find similar options that allow us to enjoy the same thing but with a different design, other options, and endless possibilities in some of these options. We are going to find possibilities for all platforms, designed for Windows, Mac or Android mobiles and also iPhones.

The Best Alternatives to Kodi

1. Stremio, a very capable option

Among all the options that we can find, without a doubt, Stremio is the one that can convince us the most. Its operation is not far from Kodi but it scores points for the aesthetic design it presents. Its strengths as an alternative are that the weight of the program is minimal and also does not require very capable hardware.

All this makes it ideal for almost any computer, finding it on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android or iOS mobiles. We can use its many possibilities to watch HD content through streaming, which can replace our television. Also like in Kodi we can create our content libraries.

Last but not least, it does not forget about add-ons in which it adds an extra layer of security for the user. We can even create alerts for new content. The style of the platform also changes concerning Kodi, it becomes more intuitive and simple for all devices, something that in Kodi is not always a successor requires our customization.

2. Plex, the great multimedia center

Although the operation changes concerning Kodi, the idea of offering movies, series or music online remains the same or even improved. In this case, we need to create our own multimedia library, which we can share with friends and family.

It allows us to prepare a list of content that we add, thus shaping our small streaming platform. Of course, in this case, the compatibility increases and allows us to see everything we have stored in our Plex from the Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, WebOS, Chromecast, iOS, PlayStation Xbox One, or even Tizen, in addition to the systems Windows, Mac or Android.

No matter where we are, we just need to have an Internet connection and we can enjoy everything we have on our computer. A different way that puts the contents that we have accumulated on a tray.

3. Emby, an open-source option to squeeze

Among the main alternatives to enjoy the content that we shape, through a content store as we have already seen in Plex, we find Emby. This open-source platform has a great team behind it that has allowed it to develop several add-ons that, in the same way as in Kodi, offer us great options and possibilities.

It is so capable that it even has a Kodi plugin, which allows you to have Emby content management, so more than an alternative we can combine both to make our multimedia content even more complete. It also has artificial intelligence that allows content such as programs, movies, and series to be placed instantly.

Its access is very simple and in practically a few seconds we will be able to have at our disposal online channels, streaming content, or fully control our multimedia center for both adults and children with parental control. Its availability is not far behind, and it offers us control on Android, iOS, Windows, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, PlayStation, and most Smart TVs. Plus, it offers Chromecast compatibility, a huge plus.

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