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How To Improve Sales In An Online Store

As you may already know, if you have an e-commerce, not everyone who enters your store ends up buying. This has an explanation, the usability of your online store. When we talk about the usability of an online store, we mean how easy or difficult it is to navigate the web, discover its products, and even make a purchase.

We know that excellent eCommerce usability is key to improving online shopping, which is why we have proposed to give you the keys to optimize your online store.

Let’s go there!

What should you keep in mind to improve sales in your eCommerce?

When we enter an online store, we often do not know how to find what we are looking for, so if it costs us more than expected, we tend to leave the store. The page is simple if you want different audiences to navigate it with more or less experience in online shopping. Do you want to know some of the key elements to improve the sales of your eCommerce? Are these:

Improve website loading speed

We know that the element that most influences the permanence of the consumer in an online store and on any website is the site’s loading speed. We currently live in a world in which we have become accustomed to immediacy, so buying online will not be less. An element that you must take into account to ensure the speed of your online store is the images since they should not weigh too much. The higher rate, therefore, will translate into better SEO positioning and a better consumer experience.

Transfer the values ​​of your brand identity

When we look for a specific product online, we usually compare the different prices on some websites or others, so the consumer must know at all times which store they are in. Using the brand’s colors, the logo on all pages, or some other corporate symbol can help you add identity to your online store. Remember that it is essential!

Create meaningful categories

The structure of an online store must be clear and straightforward; that is, the categories should facilitate the search for products, not make it difficult. Also, avoid that two categories or subcategories lead to the same product page because it will mean that one of the two is not necessary. In addition, it is important that the name of each category is relevant and contributes meaning to the product. Finally, if we accompany it with a brief description of the keywords you want to position appear, it will be perfect.

Get a unique product sheet

The product file is the most crucial part of e-commerce for the consumer since it is the one that offers the final information of the product to make the purchase. That is why the product sheets of an online store must have elements that encourage investment, such as details of composition, manufacture, sizes, or available colors. The product must have descriptive text that helps the consumer to identify its differentiating characteristics. And above all, the most important thing is that the content is unique for each product. Google, and users, penalize duplicate content!

Make the registration process clear

One reason why many consumers abandon the purchase is the obligation to register to process the purchase. To solve this, you can choose not to force the consumer to create an account in your eCommerce or, on the contrary, if you want to have their data, make it clear from the first step of the purchase that there is a registration process and log in. You will significantly help the usability of the user if the registration steps are at the beginning of the purchase and if, at the end of them, you do not have to select the product again. Focus your efforts on ensuring that the user experience in your online store is good, and they will undoubtedly repeat the purchase.

As we have said, these elements are essential and help improve the consumer experience in your online store, but this is not all! Here we show you how to make your eCommerce the best.

What tools cannot be missing to improve sales in your online store?

It is essential to improve the usability of your online store that it has some tools that make it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for quickly. Some of those tools can be:


Your store must have a transparent distribution of the information. Having a consumer menu at the top of the page, a drop-down menu on the right with the product categories, and a corporate menu in the footer where to place the company information will make the customer know where target based on what you are looking for.


Suppose the consumer already knows the product they want when they enter your store, to make their experience faster. It is essential to have a search engine in which the user can directly enter the product reference or name without going through the categories. Make sure it is dynamic so that it applies all the filters of the user’s search.


Facilitating contact in the consumer menu will make it easier for them to access the contact form and provide confidence in your store.


The consumer must know at all times in which phase of the purchase process they are, and what they have gone through, so you must show it at the top of the pages of the process.

Sort by

It may be that when the client enters a category, he wants first to view some products or others. This tool will allow him to change the order of these by higher or lower price, relevance, ratings from other consumers, etc.


All current online stores have this tool as it allows the user to search for products by setting their preferences in terms of size, color, type of product, composition, etc.


The user must have critical information about the purchase, so you can establish a space at the top of each page to offer the customer information about shipments, delivery times, returns, customer service, etc.

Some of the tools we have seen are essential for specific sectors such as retail. It is necessary for an online clothing store, for example, to have a search engine, since it is widespread to search for garments by their reference number; filters, which have the characteristics of the products to be able to differentiate them; and order by, because in this sector you can find the same garment at very different prices depending on its composition.

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