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Guide To Website Check-up And Maintenance

Before you start deciding to have your site, you should know that it exactly works like your car or any of your appliances at home. A website also needs maintenance if you want to run it efficiently. There are things you need to check regularly and update, especially if you want to be on top of the competition. If you’re familiar with website maintenance, it won’t be such a tough job. However, if you are completely unaware of it, there’s a high chance that you’ll miss out on a few essential things. To save you from this, you can keep this as a handful of guides.

There are a couple of aspects you need to check if you are running a site. These are:

Web Hosting

Moving your files to a server is important for them to appear online for your viewers. One thing you need to check is your payment, making sure that you won’t miss any of your due dates. In this way, you can avoid delays on your end. Another thing that you can get on web hosting is security. The right web hosting service or plan has malware detection tools, firewalls, and other security measures. These security features can protect and secure all your stored data and improve the overall performance of your site.

Domain Name

If you are already visible online, it means that you have owned your domain name. Like that of web hosting, you need to renew it every year so you could keep your unique domain name and use it for another year. If you choose to neglect this type of website maintenance, your site won’t appear online, not unless you make the payment. The worst-case scenario is that you’re giving other people the chance to own your domain name because you left it available.


Cyber security is an essential aspect of a website. Some web owners take it for granted, not until they experience attacks or threats. Part of web maintenance includes running a complete backup so often every year. By doing this, you’re saving your site from the loss of critical data through cyber threats. If you have a team of expert web developers, they can monitor the timely backups your site needs, therefore saving your data and the whole site.


Achieving your site’s core KPIs is vital, and this is one of the aspects you need to check as well. Head on to your analytics page and then try to figure out if there are any negative patterns on your site. Some metrics include slow loading of pages and less conversion. You might want to prioritize and solve it to gain more engagement.

Key Takeaway

Keeping your site up to date is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your business. Aside from it can save you from future hassle and stress, it can also contribute to your growth and reputation. Keep the list above as a guide, and if in case you choose to have advanced website maintenance, you might want to keep an eye on your content, conversion rate, selling propositions (USPs), and more.

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