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How To Choose The Best Power Bank For Your Mobile Phone

Power banks enable you to revive the life of your mobile phone’s battery typically in less time than your standard charger, which is especially important while on the go when increased phone activity can cause your battery to drain quicker and thus also require faster and more convenient charging.

To use a power bank, you simply plug it into the wall to fully charge, and then you carry the portable device with you wherever you go so that you can use it when needed to recharge your phone’s battery.

Depending on its capacity, it can also charge your phone multiple times before needing to be recharged itself.

In fact, power banks vary in different ways; however, to find a quality one, some points to consider before you purchase one include:

Trusted Manufacturer

More notable manufacturers tend to use high-quality parts for their phones, which makes them more dependable and expensive.

Good manufacturers, such as Baseus, also equip their power banks with various safety measures to ensure your battery, whether lithium-polymer or lithium-ion, remains safe while charging.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to charge them using a power bank that is also manufactured by a reliable company to prevent damaging your phone’s components.

A Battery Life That Matches Your Usage Patterns

If you use your phone a lot and are not always near a charging port, such as when traveling, then you need to also consider this before investing in a power bank.

In general, the power bank’s capacity should be slightly higher than the actual capacity of the phone’s battery, which will enable you to charge your phone at least two times.

You should also be aware that many cheaper brands tend to overinflate their mAh value, so you will need to scale up to make up for the lower power.

Various Connectivity Options and USB Ports

Most power banks come with up to four or more ports to enable you to charge multiple devices at once.

Therefore, you should be sure your chosen power bank also has multiple connectivity options, which will also come in handy during emergencies when you need to charge various devices.

Be sure the connectivity options also accommodate a wide range of devices and that they can also charge them in the specified time.

This way, you can also continue to use the power bank even should you switch brands in the future.

Output and Input Power

Output power is the rate at which your power bank can charge a device, which generally ranges between 1 to 2 amperes. However, some have higher amperage values to enable fast charging of your phone.

In the meantime, input power refers to the amount of power the bank can receive when it is being charged. In general, the higher the input power, the faster the power bank will charge, and the quicker you will be able to use it.

Just remember, to charge your phone faster, you must use the quick charge port, and the USB cable must also be compatible with quick charge technology.

Charging Status Indicator

Some power banks also include an LED indicator, so you know when it is charging and fully charged as well as when it is charging another device.

Without it, it might be challenging to know if the power bank is low on power.

Therefore, you should also consider a power bank with various indicator lights, so you always know its charging status.

Safety Features

A safe power bank is just as important to your phone as it is to your own safety.

Therefore, do not purchase a power bank that is not clearly marked as safe, especially if it is from a lesser-known company, so you are more confident using it.

Higher quality products tend to have the most safety features; however, just because a power bank costs a lot doesn’t mean it is safe. So read the package.

Word-Of-Mouth and Reviews

Purchasing any technology can be a costly investment, so to be sure a power bank is worth buying, ask others their opinions about it to see what they have to say.

You can also check online reviews to learn other people’s experiences with different power banks. Just be sure they have used the device long enough to have a relevant opinion.


To justify the cost of a power bank, be sure its features match its cost.

You should also take time to compare different power banks to find the most competitive price.

In fact, you may even find the same model at a different retailer for an even lower price, which makes for a great deal.

Now that you understand what makes a good power bank, hopefully, it has empowered you to go out and find the best one for you.

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