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Why Fast Charging Doesn’t Work On Your Phone

One of the features that different phone manufacturers have paid a lot of attention to is fast charging. And these results from research are based on the fact that offering powerful batteries required their charging times to be too high. But sometimes it happens that fast charging does not work, which on the other hand, is usually frequent. Let’s look at the possible cases and learn how to fix this problem.

What is the fast charging of a mobile

Fast charging is one of the best advances in the mobile phone sector in recent years. Gone is when we had to leave charging the mobile so that they were 100% the following day.

But in the middle of 2022, almost any smartphone we see on the market comes with a fast-charging system. Its technology allows the internal battery to receive energy much faster. Of course, the terminal must meet some requirements, such as that the circuit and the battery are compatible with this technology.

But this is not the only thing; the charger and cable must also be compatible with fast charging. You will notice this by the manufacturer’s instructions, but if you do not have them at hand, there may be an indicator in the charger structure that confirms it.

Currently, you can find phones that reach up to 120W of power, which gives them the ability to charge the battery in a matter of minutes fully.

Of course, this system also serves as an accompaniment to other functions of charging a phone. A clear example is the night charging system that makes this process more efficient. Fast charging causes the temperature of your mobile to increase for all the amount of electricity that accumulates. In this case, the quick charge is applied in the last minutes, leaving the Do Not Disturb mode when the machine understands you are outside the rest schedule.

But why isn’t fast charging on my phone activated?

Now that you know what fast charging of your phone is and what is achieved with it, let’s go to another important point: why the fast charging of your mobile does not work. Your case may be among one of the following:

Clean the USB port

One of the most common problems when connecting one device to another or the current is that one connector is dirty. This causes the connection to be not optimal, and in the end, your phone only receives just the right energy.

A software failure

Sometimes an update is decisive for the operation of some functions. These include disrupting some code that prevents the proper functioning of fast charging. Here little can be done but to expect the company itself to reverse the effect of the update.

Review the settings

It has to do with the above, but fast charging may not work because it is not enabled. Here you can breathe easy because if this is the case, you are only one click away from getting your mobile to charge in a matter of minutes.

Problems with charger and cable

Of course, hardware has a lot to contribute in this regard. And is that if the charger is not compatible with this technology, the phone will only be able to charge at the maximum voltage allowed by the charger. The same goes for the cable, which must be prepared to withstand a very high energy transfer.

If you don’t have the official charger nearby, try another one with this feature, or it won’t work.

Restart the terminal

It may be that fast-loading has stopped working because of an update or a bug in an application. In that case, you will only have to restart your mobile and then check that everything works again.

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