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What Is Logo Design? Essential Factors Of Logo Design

Logo design, a key factor when thinking about the identity of a company or brand. The logo design becomes, in graphic terms, the image that identifies a business. At this point, every day is given more importance, as it is the image in front of the public; it is the cover letter and reflects the brand’s values.

It is essential that the logo design is functional and conveys the desired message to the target in question. The agencies advertise Barcelona have made professional logos made exclusively from typographic typography logos are made with an anagram or the union of the two elements. In addition, we can incorporate the company slogan into the design.

The selection of colors is a very relevant aspect when creating a professional logo. Colors must be chosen very carefully, as the final design must be consistent with the message the company seeks to reflect.

6 Essential factors of Logo Design

For the design of a logo to be effective and correctly reflect the message that the company wants to convey must be:

  • Unforgettable: It is essential to be remembered easily with the brand or product.
  • Simple: The simplicity in the shape and colors in the logo design is relevant, as this way, it will be more easily recognized in the company.
  • Representative: The logo must represent the brand of the business and its values.
  • Remarkable: The logo must be unique to stand out from other competing companies.
  • Permanent: Trends are constantly changing, so it is essential to have a logo design maintained over time and thus identified by people.
  • Adaptable: You need to be flexible to be present in all the necessary media.

Logo design graphically communicates the business’s image, and if the logos are well crafted, they can seduce potential customers.

6 Necessary Steps for the Elaboration of a Logo Design

1. Briefing

To create a logo, it is necessary to immerse yourself in the business’s niche from the brand, the customer, the competition, the opportunities, and the threats. The idea is to know the company’s task deeply to create a visual image that contains the essential attributes of the brand.

2. Study and Analysis

Thanks to the research carried out; it will be possible to properly develop the concept of the brand and the values ​​that are sought to be transmitted. It is essential to know the cultural sensations of today’s society to connect appropriately with the target.

3. Sketch

Here the first visual representations in the abstract form that has been imagined are embodied on paper or the screen. The process of graphic creation, like any creative process, is where those factors that serve and those that do not are perfected and evaluated and thus get a job that fits the ideal concept of the brand.

4. Design

The logo design must be clean and with the minimum number of possible shapes. Also, it is necessary to keep in mind the symmetry of the proportions and the harmony and choice of colors as typographic fonts. In this part, we keep in mind the color range that will help the structure of the corporate image.

5. Presentation

Here the proposal is made to the customer, who has been able to collect the ideas and goals of the customer and overcome them, making the logo proposition the best.

6. Development and application

Once the logo has been approved, the corporate identity manual is drawn up, explaining the correct application of the logo and, finally, how it should be used to maintain—unity.

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