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Why Is Geolocation Marketing Beneficial For Businesses?

Do you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, better understand customer behaviour, and segment according to the position of the recipients? Geolocation marketing, also known as marketing, may be the solution.

What is geolocation marketing?

Geolocation marketing refers to the set of actions to promote a product or service that are segmented based on the user’s exact location. To do this, data is taken from any mobile device with an Internet connection that customers use. Nowadays, it has become an exciting strategy for companies since it allows them to segment messages according to specific places, knowing where potential consumers are.

Advantages of geolocation marketing

  • Give the right message at all times: it allows you to personalize the content to the maximum and offer it at the right time when potential customers need it.
  • Connect with the user at the right time: it is essential to choose the right time to send the message because it is useless to send a user an offer in our restaurant when the place is closed, or the person is not even there in the city. Geolocation is essential so that this does not happen.
  • Visibility: It is becoming more and more common to search for recommendations on mobile when we visit a new place. The potential client is looking for, for example, a restaurant or a hotel can find us thanks to geolocation.
  • Offer promotions: alerts can be sent to customers to show them offers and discounts and tell them the nearest store where they can buy the products or services.
  • Increase offline sales: this type of sales is increased by impacting the consumer looking for a kind of business, showing relevant information on the site, its address, and contact telephone number.

Geolocation services

There are different ways to establish geolocation, but we will talk about 2 of the most important.

  • Google My Business: the application uses geolocation to incorporate local advertisements and a brief profile of the companies on the maps. Google makes it easy for users to search while helping advertisers find customers. In addition, these ads are not usually understood as classic advertising, so they are more widely accepted.
  • Facebook Places: allows users to search for information and recommendations about any city, such as restaurants, hotels, places of interest… It also includes comments and reviews from other users.

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