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What Is No Code, And How Can It Help Your Company?

Digitizing a company has never been an easy task; however, the development of technology has allowed the appearance of movements such as no code, which could greatly facilitate the study of digitizing your business.

When we talk about no code, we refer to a free software philosophy, which allows anyone to design their apps or web pages even if they do not have excellent programming knowledge. In other words, they dispense with coding languages ​​in favor of more visual and intuitive formulas that allow the average user to approach a world that, in itself, is complex.

The no-code formula is one of the most widespread web page creation platforms, such as WordPress. Also, in applications focused on creating digital businesses, such as Shopify, where anyone can create an online store without programming knowledge.

These no-code pages have extensive customization possibilities, which can be modified, for example, by dragging the elements with the mouse. For this reason, they have become an excellent tool for entrepreneurs who want to digitize their businesses and do not have a very high budget or excellent programming knowledge.

What advantages does the no Code present?


The main advantage of no code is its agility to the user. By using pre-designed modules and visual elements, creating an app or website for your business has become a simple and intuitive task, which can save you a lot of time and headaches and allow you to focus on other company areas that may be more important.

Lower cost

In addition to saving time, no code is also much cheaper for your company than hiring an expert programmer. In addition, these platforms usually take care of the most critical updates and allow you to modify some elements of your website quickly and easily.

Digitization for all

As the no-code expert Bosco Soler explains in an article in Entrepreneurs, “the costs of hiring these professional profiles or the fear of the technological learning curve have greatly hindered the digitization of small businesses. With the no code, that bottleneck is unblocked, and any entrepreneur with little money, some willpower and in a short time can take the first steps to digitize their business”.

The price of no-code tools varies a lot depending on their usefulness. Setting up an online store is not the same as creating a simple website or a chatbot to serve your customers. However, as mentioned, any central platform will offer you much more competitive rates than if you had to hire a team of developers.

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