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What Is A Blog? What Is It For? I Need One?

Well, what a truism, -you will think-, everyone knows what a blog is and what it is for. Well, not so fast. That we know some of its uses, but not all. Be careful, we still need one and we don’t know!

And it is that, although originally, the blog was a kind of blog where the content was recorded, generally personal, chronologically, today a blog is nothing more than an excuse. Yes! But that’s not bad – not at all – don’t get us wrong. An excuse to get customers, to enhance our brand image, to retain our readers and turn them into customers, to position our business. In our blog we write, therefore, interesting content for the type of reader we want to attract, and this content can, or not, be directly related to what we sell.

Total, one of the functions of the wonderful Marketing Content: l Lamar the attention of the customer we want without it sits or harassed or interrupted, or pressured, ’cause is just content! But attractive, and therefore, capable of -with the right strategy- help us achieve our objectives. Let’s see how.

We have agreed that, well used, the content of a blog can help us to obtain clients or drive traffic to our website. Which, after all, is what we need, right? One thing: it makes no sense to have a great blog that brings traffic to our website if then our website is a wreck. And we are no longer talking only about design, but also about usability. But we are going to suppose that we have a very beautiful and super navigable website: in that case, yes, the traffic will improve our positioning and that, in the process, we will get more customers and sales. Well, yes, a blog is useful! not?

And as with everything in life, for it to work well, you have to define goals and organize yourself by designing a content strategy in line with them. Come on, in parts:

We define the goals or objectives that we pursue. Let’s say that our goal is to get more customers: because for this, we have to position ourselves and obtain readers who, not only are loyal to us but also refer us to others.

We design our content strategy. It would be convenient, at this point, to study our competition to see what pattern of publications it follows and also to investigate the keywords that best suit us and the search volume of those words. This can be done with tools like SemRush. From here, what we will do is a calendar in which the topics we want to elaborate on and the periodicity of the publications are recorded. Regarding the issues, clarify that your choice and even its format varies greatly depending on the type of company we are and the objectives we pursue. Thus, a company or institution that seeks, let’s say, the attention of investors in a certain city will update its blog with news related to the good trajectory of the area; While if the company is dedicated to selling gastronomic products, its blog will abound with recipes and advice on how to prepare certain dishes.

Measurement and optimization. Of course, if we bother to do it right, what less than to check if it is working. Total, yes, we have to analyze our work, and at various levels:

Blog traffic: to know how much traffic our blog generates and, in addition to where it comes from.

The number of visits and which pages are visited the most: not so much for ego -that also- as to know which posts are the most read to know which line to continue working on.

A conversion ratio of visits into leads. That the bigger it is, the better. Obviously.

Performance of CTA. The objective of the Call to Action calls is to call the user’s action so that he clicks on it and is directed, thus, to the landing page. You already knew this, but what you still didn’t know is that they are the best way to generate leads on a blog. So if you don’t use them, do it!

After analyzing all these aspects, it is time to determine which aspects have to be changed and which ones should be maintained to achieve our objectives. And in this sense, one of the most used tools when analyzing and measuring our blog is Google Analytics, but there are many more.

And with these keys, anyone, but anyone, can do it. And if not, look:

Well, we remind you that the first thing you should do before working on your blog to drive traffic to your website is to make sure that it is design and usability are good. Otherwise, we have fantastic designers and developers. And copy, and SEO and Marketing experts, and… What are we going to tell you that you don’t know…

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