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The Best Tricks For Outlook

Thanks to the tricks that we are going to see below, you will be able to learn to use Outlook like a true expert.

Outlook is Microsoft’s email manager, and it was born as a mail platform in 2013.

Previously Hotmail was used, but during that year, the migration of Hotmail accounts to the new Outlook mail service was completed.

It is currently the most widely used email application in the workplace.

Plus, it includes calendar and task management features to organize your time better and help you be more productive.

Therefore, we think it is interesting to see some of the best tips and tricks to master Outlook. Here we summarize some of the most useful.

1. Automatic responses

When we are unaware of the email for being on vacation or for any other reason, we can create automatic responses to people who send us emails when we want.

We can find this option in the File tab (top left) and the Automatic responses option.

You can set the time interval and the text you want to be sent there.

2. Tracking emails

If we receive many emails daily, it can be difficult to keep everything under control, and we may miss something important.

To avoid this, we can keep track of the most important emails.

To do this, we select the email we want, and from the Home tab or with the right mouse button, click on Follow-up.

A menu is displayed where we can choose between several dates to mark it, and you can also set a reminder, which will remind you of the task whenever you want.

It is also possible to mark the email as Completed or categorize it by creating the needed categories (Done, In Process, etc.).

You can also do this from the Home tab or the menu displayed with the right mouse button in the Categorize option.

3. Automate actions

When we receive many emails from the same person or with the same subject, there is the possibility of creating rules that allow you to move all those emails to a specific folder automatically.

This option is in the File tab, then clicking on the Manage rules and alerts option.

Apart from the example we have seen, you can create other types of rules, such as marking the messages of a certain person as a task for follow-up, among many others.

4. Use mentions to highlight emails

To use the mentions, you have to write @ before the name of the person in the body of the text of the email that you are going to send. Outlook will suggest auto-filling it with their email address.

This way, when the email reaches the mentioned person, it will stand out in their inbox.

5. Create a signature

If you want to create a signature for all your emails or different signatures to choose from depending on your needs, Outlook allows you to create them easily.

You have to go to the File tab and enter Options. Then you have to click on the Mail category and go to the Create or modify signatures for messages option by clicking on the Signatures button.

Once inside, you can create the signature or signatures you need, edit the ones you already have made or delete them.

6. Create new folders

When organizing your emails, creating new folders and giving them the name you choose can be very useful.

To do so, right-click on the left column and choose the New Folder option.

You can create all the ones you need and move all the messages you want to those folders.

7. Filter emails

To search for a certain message, you can go to the Home tab, and at the top, you can filter emails.

You have several options to filter them, such as showing only unread messages, those with attached documents, or those marked as important.

Another option to search among your emails is to write directly in the search bar at the top the name of the recipient or the subject.

8. Concentration assistant

When you need a higher level of concentration to focus on something important, you can use this option and avoid unnecessary distractions.

In Windows settings, you will find the Focus Assist option under the System category.

From there, you can choose the notifications you want to see and hear and set them to activate at a certain time or when certain conditions are met.

9. Schedule the sending of emails

The last trick we will see will allow you to delay the delivery of certain emails so that they are sent when you want.

Within the Options tab, you will find the option to Delay delivery, being able to mark the option of Do not deliver before a specific date and time.

There are many more options within the Outlook settings to customize it and leave everything to your liking.

But in this post, we wanted to focus on some of the most used and useful that you can find.

If you master these functions, you will be more productive. You can better organize your tasks and manage your work time more efficiently.

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