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Latest Trends In Mobile Application Development

The technological revolution continues to advance without pause and at breakneck speed. Keeping up to date is essential for users and companies that seek to take a step forward in creating applications to facilitate and improve the lives of their customers.

The latest trends in the development of mobile applications come from the hands of new technology and new habits; many of them have emerged in response to an adaptation to unforeseen social events that have awakened unique needs and concerns in us.

Take advantage of 5G technology

The new mobiles already have, for the most part, 5G technology. The increase in speed that can be achieved goes hand in hand with our need to consume more and more information in the shortest possible time.

Thus, it is to be expected that this new technology will be considered for developing new applications, as it allows the incorporation of new functionalities thanks to the rapid data transfer, higher performance speed, and lower latency.

Adapt to folding devices

The first folding devices are beginning to emerge, and everything we know will have to be adapted to the new screens. Taking advantage of the features of these devices is not only a job for those who have bought them but also for those responsible for developing mobile apps, who will be able to anticipate a new way of using mobile phones.

Mobile payments

There are several applications connected to our bank accounts. Even the banks themselves have their own, allowing us to keep up to date with the health of our bank account and carry out operations.

But, paying with the mobile, we go even further. We no longer need to carry everything with us because on the mobile we carry everything. We can have our contacts and documentation, know the time and even pay in stores by bringing the mobile closer to the dataphone if we do not want to buy online. Likewise, we can pay securely or send money to friends and family without having to go to an ATM, with a few simple steps, from our favourite payment application.

These types of applications will continue to grow as we increasingly turn to e-commerce and mobile commerce.

On-demand and streaming services

Having to watch what was on television without the possibility of choosing is already part of the very distant past. And the same happens with music; we can choose what to listen to at any time and even create several music lists, one for each moment.

This ability to choose what we want at the moment is also visible in how we travel or move. Please choose how we move, book the hotel by viewing the photos and opinions of other users, reserve a table to eat, and much more, all within reach of our hands in a second.

The way out for many companies that are beginning to digitize now, seeking to open up to today’s world, will be betting on applications of this type.

Integration with devices and artificial intelligence

The integrations between the mobile and specific devices are well known, mainly in ​​sports, health, and home control. But there are many other devices that we can integrate, such as jewellery, glasses, or smart clothing. Everything we carry can be improved to integrate with our account, where it will immediately adapt to the available data.

Applications can even function as virtual assistants, helping us control devices or recommending changes based on our preferences and goals.

Leverage mobile commerce

The last few years have seen a considerable increase in online shopping. If many people had already used it before, the number of people who chose this option increased during confinement. Given its comfort, it was one of the habits maintained when the new normality arrived.

We live with the mobile in hand, always available to show us the way or give us information. Thus, it is expected that, if electronic commerce noted substantial increases, mobile commerce (purchasing through applications instead of web pages) has been the one that has grown the most. Buying while taking a break is as easy as opening an app.

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