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Six Applications To Edit Videos Online For Free

There are numerous video editors from simple applications.

In addition to photos, videos are the other great protagonists of social networks. Many use them to share fun moments with their friends and family on a personal level. Still, they are also often used professionally in marketing campaigns or as a content promotion tool. Is it easy to edit videos? Are there special programs? How to create the best ones to share on the Internet? This article introduces six easy-to-use and free online video editors: from YouTube and WeVideo editor to Magisto.

The importance of video on the Internet

When it comes to editing video, many people think of a complicated-looking program with many unknown tools and options, such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. But the software market has evolved by creating tools to edit video adapted to less technical users and prepared to work on different platforms, such as mobile video editors or the editors that work directly in the web browser and are included in this report.

The use of video has been gaining importance over time. Thanks to the proliferation of telephones and improved Internet connections, it has become a very important means of expression and communication. Online video consumption has grown by 155% in the last year, and numerous figures support its use in marketing campaigns. The video produces more interactions (more likes, more comments) and increases the time users visit a website.

But it is not enough to put the video on a web page, a blog or a social network. The video must be attractive, have good sound and lighting, with careful framing and minimal editing work. And for this, it is unnecessary to resort to a complicated video editor. In most cases, it will suffice to use one of these online applications :

Six apps to edit videos for free on mobile

youtube editor

Since YouTube is one of the top video-sharing platforms on the Internet, it makes sense that your editor should be your first choice. The YouTube video editor includes all the basic editing options expected from a tool of this type. You can combine multiple clips, trim them, add text and transition effects, including a soundtrack, etc.

To use this editor, you must first upload the video to YouTube. But if the intention is not to publish it later on that platform, it can be uploaded in “private” mode and then downloaded to the computer in MP4 format once the editing process is finished.


This is one of the most popular video editing applications on the Internet. Its interface adapts to any user’s level, from the most straightforward editor to the most advanced options for those who already have experience. In addition, it can be connected to Google Drive, which allows you to save your work in the cloud, even if it is halfway done, and continue it from another computer.

However, suppose there is one point that makes WeVideo stand out above the average. In that case, it is the possibility of editing video collaboratively, that is, working with several people simultaneously on the same project and modifying it simultaneously. In contrast, the accessible version of this editor inserts a watermark, which can be removed by purchasing the license.

Shot clip

This editor stands out for its ease of use. No matter what your user experience level is, with Shotclip, you can get beautiful results without advanced editing skills and with little effort.

The tool includes design templates for thematic videos (wedding, Christmas greetings, pets…) and its assistant guides the user through the entire creative process.

Video Toolbox

Although the size of the videos that can be edited with Video Toolbox is limited to 600 MB, it is a practical and versatile tool, with the basic functions you would expect from a video editor plus other advanced utilities. Among other things, it is possible to download videos from other platforms (such as YouTube or Vimeo), analyze the video to obtain additional information (such as codec, resolution, bitrate, etc.) and also convert it from one format to another, with support for the most popular.


A different type of video is created for marketing campaigns or to explain concepts, such as in an online course. And for them, there is also a video editor called Wideo, allowing you to create them from the web browser easily.

Wideo includes ready-to-use artwork and templates that can be easily edited, but you can also upload your images and create the video from scratch if you prefer. Once the video is finished, it can be downloaded to the computer or published on social networks.


Of all the online editors available today Magisto may be the easiest to use. It does almost everything automatically. And although that leaves hardly any customization options for the user, on the other hand, it makes video editing available to everyone.

In Magisto, you only have to do three things: choose the photos and video clips you want to use, select a theme for the final video (sports, love, travel or food) and select the soundtrack. That is all. The program takes care of the rest, combining all the elements and producing a final video without any effort for the user.

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