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How To Edit Videos Like A Pro: 10 Tips

The growing video consumption in today’s digital era has been fuelled by the easy accessibility of high-speed internet. Videos are undoubtedly one of the most effective content mediums that allow users to share and convey intended information easily. The engaging and descriptive nature of videos has made it a go-to option for brands that are leveraging it to market their offerings. Product description videos have proved to be a game-changer when it comes to demonstrating utility.

Creating the perfect video can be challenging when you are unaware of the tools that are available in the market. A video editor can be your best friend if you are looking for an easy way to create an impactful video without any professional aid. Here are some of the most effective video editing tips that you can use for creating phenomenal videos from scratch.

Effective video editing tips

Some of the most effective video editing tips are as follows.

Create a project directory

An organized start to your video creation project will surely go a long way. Before you jump into the video creation party using video editors, it is recommended that you create a project directory. You can’t just have a pile of files on your desktop and expect to get amazing work done. This will just add to the mess and you will spend a lot of time sorting through the files before you can create anything. Create the main project folder and then add relevant subfolders including sound, music, raw footage, graphics, etc. Now add your resource as per the folder labels to avoid any confusion in the long run.

Always create two copies of everything

Having two copies of all important files in your project is a must. You never know which storage device starts malfunctioning and making your files corrupt. Always maintain a different storage device that is regularly updated with project files. You must opt for cloud storage facilities to avoid any storage miss happening. Having an external hard drive is a must since cloud storage can have space constraints depending on your project and subscription.

Choose a reliable video editor

Choosing a reliable video editor that is easy to use, given your skills and requirements of the projects is something you should never neglect. Your video editor is your ultimate weapon in this fight. You need to carefully pick your video editor as it can be a game-changer. Choosing the right video editor is highly contingent on your abilities as an editor and the nature of the project you are involved in. If you are looking for something that can get the job done within a few minutes, you can easily rely on online video editing tools.

Don’t rely on jump cuts

Many times, it happens that the video you have recorded has some elements which make it less than ideal. An example of this is the ‘hm’ and ‘um’ sounds that you might hear in the videos while conducting an interview. Turning of these sounds can make the video look abrupt and is not recommended. However, you can try to add an extra layer or video clip (related to the content) to avoid these awkward sounds. Carefully adding this will make the flow of the video smooth and won’t deter the viewers.

Diversify your shots

To keep your content interesting, it is highly recommended that you vary your shots at certain intervals. You can try to make it interesting by trying different angels. You can use two cameras from different angles to record a particular clip and then edit the final video as per your needs. A rule of thumb is to make cuts based on pauses or beats of the music being used inside a video.

High-quality footage

Poor video quality is the epitome of an unprofessional video. Always be mindful of the quality of the footage that you are using inside the video. High-quality video footage also gives more room for editing and the final output is not poor. One should always film the scenes in the highest quality camera settings. Transferring the file footage from your camera directly to your computer is also recommended to not reduce the quality. The editing process can be complex and you might lose some of the quality during the same. Therefore, it is advised to shoot the films in the highest quality possible.

Pay attention to the color scheme

Choosing the right colour scheme is very important for the output of your video project. There are two main components to the color scheme, i.e., color correction and color grading. It doesn’t matter if you have high-quality footage, you need to work on your color scheme to produce the right output. Ensuring that everything has natural coloring is very important.

Good audio

Audio clips used inside a video have a big impact on the quality of your video output. A good audio clip can make even a dull video interesting. Choosing the right audio clip compensates for most of the missing elements in your video. You must be mindful of the type of video that you are creating before choosing the audio, in case you are adding external audio clips.

Secondary source for sound

Using a secondary source for sound is highly recommended if you don’t want to compromise the quality of your video and audio output. You are always going to obtain a better sound quality with an external microphone as compared with the one inside the camera. It is highly recommended to record your audio with a good microphone and have a separate recording system.


The importance of storytelling for videos can never be overrated. The most important thing for your videos is their storyline. In the absence of a good storyline, your video will fail to get the job done. You won’t be able to invoke the required emotions.


These were some of the most useful tips that you can use while creating videos to give them a professional touch.

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