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What Is GCam And How To Install It On Any Mobile

The camera is one of the most important aspects of our mobile phones, they give us the possibility of always carrying a photo and video camera with us that can be very useful to capture moments and create memories. But is any camera worth it? users are demanding and if we have the possibility of installing the GCam on any mobile, surely we want to do so.

Our mobile phones are made up of hardware and software, one part being as important as the other, as we have already discussed on another occasion. Processors are one of the most important aspects, although we must not forget that without software we could not do with our phone even a small part of what we do today.

What is the GCam or Google Camera?

It is neither more nor less than an app based on the Google Pixel camera, which has been modified in a certain way and allows us to get it for our mobile phone. This has made it one of the most popular and used resources in the Android world. The post-processed that this app performs significantly surpasses the rest, regardless of the brand or model.

With it, we can carry out from photographs to video, through portrait mode or different effects that make us improve our experience as users. In some cases, such as Xiaomi mobile phones, we find tones that are too muted, something that the GCam manages to correct without the need for us to do or touch anything.

The GCam that we can install is not designed for any smartphones, the developers offer us this possibility thanks to their work focused on a specific model because each mobile phone has a different lens and software that differentiates it from the rest, we still go to learn later how to find the best one for our mobile.

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Advantages of GCam

As we have mentioned, we will have the possibility to improve our photos, taking advantage of the resources of Google developers. This includes the possibility of making use of its night vision, its 360-degree mode, or using the slow and fast motion that improves on many occasions to the one we have in our native camera app.

We will also see how in complicated light situations, the GCam manages to lift the shadows and eliminate the burned areas as far as possible within certain limits, avoiding not damaging the photograph and not resembling what we see with our eyes.

These improvements can continue to be extended as Google improves those of the Google Pixel, although we must remember that this app will not be updated from Google Play or from the manufacturer itself, so as we are going to see below, we will have to be attentive if we want to continue improving the camera.

How to download and install GCam

To get the GCam on our mobile phone, we will have to have the Snapdragon processor, since the developers only can edit and adapt it to them. Once we looked in Google and in the case of developers like XDA Developers, where we have the possibility of finding different versions created by users that some will offer slight differences that we may like more or less. This forum post is not always updated with the latest versions, so it is advisable to use your search engine or use Google directly until you find a reliable source.

Once we have the APK file of the GCam that interests us, we will have to install it as if it were an app, although first, we will have to give access to install files from unknown sources and external to Google Play. This process will take a few seconds, we just have to enter the settings of our mobile phone by entering devices and privacy, then clicking on permissions to install applications from unknown sources and allowing Google Chrome or our browser used.

Once we have carried out this process, we can install the chosen GCam, as if it were any other app. To make it work, we will only have to click on it in our application drawer or home screen and we can begin to take advantage of its many advantages.

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Get the GCam even if your mobile is not compatible

One of the great inconveniences of users comes when our smartphone does not have a GCam adapted and developed to work on our mobile. Before, we had no choice but to resign ourselves and wait for a user to dare to develop it, although other methods have now emerged.

The best known is Gcamator, an app that we can download from Google Play in a few seconds and that analyzes our device to find the version and model of Google Camera that best suits our phone. Once we enter the app, it will show us if our mobile is compatible with GCam, if so, we can go to the Device Info tab to download it.

It may be the case that this version does not adapt correctly to our mobile, so we will have to go to the last tab, called GCam Database, and find different rated models that could work correctly on our mobile. This takes a while of our time until we find the correct version, but then we can take advantage of its many advantages.

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