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Is Parental Control Necessary On The Internet?

With the Internet, new technologies have emerged that can be very useful tools for children, for example, in studies or to keep in touch with friends, but also dangerous in a certain way. There are numerous problems such as cyberbullying or contact with unknown people, which make us ask ourselves, is parental control of the Internet necessary?

What is parental control?

Parental control is a system that allows parents, or legal guardians, to control and restrict the content that their children can access on the Internet.

But, how can you control the Internet for children? Most of the options allow you to monitor browsing, restrict content, prohibit access to pages, users, applications, or games that may be dangerous, and set a time limit on use. For example, parental control in social networks allows reporting publications unsuitable for minors.

Internet risks for children

Now, is it necessary for parents to control their children’s Internet use? The Internet allows any user to access all kinds of information, content, and tools, so parents must know what the dangers are for children and, analyzing this information, establish the necessary measures to protect them.

While the internet is a highly educative and informative space thanks to platforms like rarbg, there is no denying the fact that it can also be very dangerous for young children. This is why parents should clearly spell out the dangers of the internet to their kids. Specific time periods should be set for accessing the internet.

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These are some of the risks that children face on the Internet:

Share private information

Children must know how to protect their privacy, and personal data since all kinds of information can be shared on the Internet, even without knowing it. This can lead to grooming, identity theft, contact with dangerous people, unwanted recordings, etc.

Making purchases online without permission

Making purchases on platforms such as Amazon or AliExpress can be done easily and quickly. For this reason, it is recommended not to leave open accounts on the devices or configure a PIN to carry out transactions and thus avoid unwanted purchases.


Social networks focus on cyberbullying, and children can receive a lot of negative and destructive comments to harm them. The most important thing is that they know how to distinguish those comments and have total confidence to communicate the harassment they are receiving or that another user is receiving to the corresponding people.

How to control internet access for children

Children need to have guidelines for using the Internet and new technologies, but parents can configure the devices to restrict Internet use as a bonus.

The operating system of any device itself offers parental control features.

In Windows, you can create a child account that allows you to set time limits on computer use, mark pages appropriate for the child’s age, and prohibit access to certain games and apps.

In the iOS operating system, parental controls allow you to block access to websites, set time limits for use, and block apps.

On Android and Google devices, parental control can be applied through the Family Link option, which allows you to set time limits, block applications, manage permissions, protect content with a password and remotely monitor the use of the device.

You can also opt for external applications; one of the most recommended is Qustodio, used for both computers and smartphones. The app allows you to block websites with inappropriate content, control the use of social networks, filter search results, know what applications are being used, and set time limits on device use.

We have talked about parental control on the Internet. Its usefulness is, now it only remains for you to assess whether you consider it necessary in the face of risks and apply the necessary methods to protect them and avoid unnecessary risks. Keep in mind that it is always good to inform children and teach them to be aware of everything that can happen.

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